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07-Ghost07-Ghost (γ‚»γƒ–γƒ³γ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ)07-Ghost
26 TV Episodes26 TV Episodes
April 6, 2009
Studio DEEN, avex ent., Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Yomiuri TV, Ichijinsha
Yuki Amemiya, Yukino Ichihara
Nobuhiro Takamoto
Action, Drama, Fantasy, ParanormalAction, Drama, Fantasy, Paranormal
Teito KleinTeito Klein
· · ·
Ayanami βŠ• Ayanami βŠ•
· · ·
Castor βŠ• Castor βŠ•
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Fia Kreuz βŠ• Fia Kreuz βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but the manga could be found at Amazon.

Characters: 07-Ghost

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Teito Klein Teito Klein Labrador βŠ• Labrador βŠ•
Ayanami βŠ• Ayanami βŠ• Mikage βŠ• Mikage βŠ•
Castor βŠ• Castor βŠ• Mikhail βŠ• Mikhail βŠ•
Fia Kreuz βŠ• Fia Kreuz βŠ• Miroku βŠ• Miroku βŠ•
Frau βŠ• Frau βŠ• Razette βŠ• Razette βŠ•
Hakuren Oak βŠ• Hakuren Oak βŠ• Shuri Oak βŠ• Shuri Oak βŠ•
Hyuuga βŠ• Hyuuga βŠ• Sister Athena βŠ• Sister Athena βŠ•
Jio βŠ• Jio βŠ• Sister Libelle βŠ• Sister Libelle βŠ•
Konatsu Warren βŠ• Konatsu Warren βŠ• Sister Rosalie βŠ• Sister Rosalie βŠ•

Description: 07-Ghost

07-Ghost is a fantasy anime that tells the story of a former slave named Teito Klein who is sent to study at the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use a mysterious supernatural power known as Zaiphon. However, Teito is also an amnesiac who has no memory of his past. After passing the course with his best and only friend Mikage, he discovers the earth-shattering truth, connecting him to a dethroned king and a mysterious God. His fate is connected to an artifact known as the Eye of Mikhail, making him a prime target of the sinister ambitions of the Empire. Will Teito overcome his tumultuous destiny?

Description: 07-Ghost

07-Ghost follows the story of Teito Klein, who lost all of his memories as a young boy. He was raised as Combat Sklave (slave) before being adopted by the Imperial Army. He was constantly teased in the army because of his past life as a slave. He was also very serious in his past. His best and only friend was another boy named Mikage, who didn't care about Teito's past.

Recruits are chosen based on their abilities to use Zaiphon, which is the use of a magical energy known as Life Energy. When Teito runs away from the army, he crashes his Hawkzile (jets that are live birds) in the Seventh District (there are seven regions or districts in the 07-Ghost world). The Seventh District is known as "God's Zone", and contains a church that is home to bishops, nns, and many fugitives and homeless people. Teito is saved by Bishops Frau, Castor, and Labrador. The Bishops turn out to be three of seven holy ghosts (hence 07 Ghost).

There is a myth (which is actually true) that there was once a deity known as Verloren, who was close to the Chief of Heaven (God). However, Verloren murdered the Chief's daughter, so Verloren was sent to earth, where he put darkness and chaos into the world and into the hearts of humans. The Seven Ghosts were sent to earth to seal Verloren away. They did this with the Eyes of Mikhail and Raphael. The Eye of Mikhail sealed away part of Verloren and the Eye of Raphael seals another part. Teito has the Eye of Mikhail in his hand. The entity Mikhail sometimes possesses Teito, which causes much trouble for the Bishops.

When Verloren was sealed away, his followers, known as Kor, remained on earth and continued to steal the souls of humans. A Kor steals souls by granting three wishes. It is said that before a soul is born unto the world, it makes three wishes to the Chief of heaven. Humans cannot remember what the three wishes are, though. When a Kor grants the first wish, a mark is placed onto the person whose wish was granted. When all three wishes are fulfilled, the Kor takes the person's soul and takes over their bodies. Only Bishops can save a tainted person from a Kor's effects.

Teito stays at the church and incorporates himself into a new life. Mikage, after being tortured and interrogated, escapes to the Church, where he and Teito enjoy a brief reunion. However, Ayanami, leader of a special Army force The Black Hawks, tracks Mikage and attacks them. Teito is saved by Bishop Frau in his Ghost form, but Mikage dies. He is then reincarnated as a pink Fyulong dragon, who remains with a grieving Teito. Teito swears revenge against Ayanami, and trains to kill him. In order to do so, Teito must go through Bishop training.

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