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Anime Profile: AIR

USA Info
Japanese Info
12 TV episodes, 2 OVA episodes, 1 movie(on DVD) 12 TV episodes, 2 OVA episodes, 1 movie
August 14, 2007 2005
ADV Films(original licensor), FUNimation(new licensor) Key/Visual Arts
  Tatsuya Ishihara
Drama, Fantasy, Romance Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Haruko Kamio Haruko Kamio
· · ·
Michiru Michiru
· · ·
Minagi Tohno Minagi Tohno
· · ·
Misuzu Kamio Misuzu Kamio
· · ·
Potato Potato
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Characters: AIR

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Haruko Kamio Haruko Kamio Kanna Kanna
Michiru Michiru Kano Kirishima Kano Kirishima
Minagi Tohno Minagi Tohno Kirishima Hijiri Kirishima Hijiri
Misuzu Kamio Misuzu Kamio Ryuuya Ryuuya
Potato Potato Sora Sora
Yukito Kunisaki Yukito Kunisaki Uraha Uraha

Anime Description: AIR

Air shows a paranormal story of a young man, called Yukito Kunisaki. He chases an old tale, told by his passed-away mother, about a winged girl in the sky.

One day, he gets stranded on an island, where he meets the somewhat strange and clumsy girl Misuzu Kamio, and with the permission of her mom, Haruko, Yukito can stay at her home for the time being.

A bit later on (all in the first episode), he meets the girls Kano, Minagi, and Michiru, all with different personalities. While being together with the four girls, he chases the told tale, and solves the individual stories of the four girls doing so. All of their stories seem to have a connection to the winged girl, and he decides to stay on the island.

While the first episodes of 'Air' can be rather funny, the later episodes show dramatic and paranormal stories, which can be very confusing, even after watching the whole series.

Anime Description: AIR

Yukito Kunisaki is a wanderer. He travels from town to town, searching... searching for a winged girl in the sky, a story passed down in legend through his family.

One summer day, he comes to a small town by the ocean shore. Here, he meets Misuzu Kamio, a strange young girl intent on being his friend. This is the story of the thousandth summer. This is the tale of many, the tale of those thousand years, culminating in the face of their relationship.

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