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USA Info
Japanese Info
AppleseedAppleseed (をップルシード)Appleseed
1 OVA episode (68 minutes)1 OVA episode (68 minutes)
1988; 1994
Manga Ent.Seinsha/TBM
Masamune Shirow
Kazuyoshi Katayama
Action, Sci-Fi, MechaAction, Sci-Fi, Mecha
Appleseed (2004 remake)Appleseed (2004 remake)
· · ·
Appleseed: Ex MachinaAppleseed Saga: Ex Machina
· · ·
Appleseed XIIIAppurushido Satin (をップルシードXIII)
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Characters: Appleseed

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Athena βŠ• --?-- Evans βŠ• --?--
Briareos Hecitonecles βŠ• --?-- Gaia (main computer) βŠ• --?--
Deunan Knute βŠ• --?-- Sabastian βŠ• --?--

Description: Appleseed

The Year is 2025. The world has only one sanctuary left from the wasteland left by World War III: Olympus City. It is run by a massive super computer named Gaia which controls all functions of everyday life (lights, power, food, transit, city maintenance, and so on). The city is populated with humans and bioroids, a race of genetically engineered humans that can be programed to do anything. There are some who see this as a threat to the human race, that the Bioroids and Gaia have a secret agenda to eradicate the humans and dominate the planet.

To keep these terrorists under control, an organization called ESWAT was formed (Extra Special Weapons and Tactics) to keep the perfect city under control. This organization is to be replaced by giant Multipede Cannons, a type of giant mech that is controlled by Gaia, which makes the terrorists more determined than ever to stop them. The main characters are Dunan Nats and Buliarous Hecitonecles, considered a lethal team in the ESWAT force. Dunan came from beyond the pearly gates of Olympus. She wandered the wasteland with Buliarous. Both were accepted into the city as street cops. Buliarous was severely hurt when he arrived and was fitted with a cybernetic shell, which served as a crutch and remains on him to this date.

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