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Character Profile: Dr. Rene D'anclaude

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Rene D'anclaude   Dr. Rene D'anclaude
Human Human
Male Male
Blond Blond
Blue Blue
Developer of the Assassinroids program Developer of the Assassinroids program
"It's my duty to do something about them."  
Daniel Woren Ryusei Nakao
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix Armitage III: Poly-Matrix

Character Description: Dr. Rene D'anclaude

Dr. Rene D'anclaude had originally worked together with Dr. Asakura to create two sets of bioroids. One set was the Thirds, female robots designed to reproduce and help enhance and stabilize the Martian population. The other was the Assassinroids, robots capable of integrating into society until they were ready to kill their target. Both were created using the same basic plans but for entirely different purposes.

No one even knew of his role in those programs. No one even knew of the name D'anclaude until a third was killed...by his hand. It was only much later, after all but Armitage were killed, that the truth of his role came out.

The political climate on Mars was changing. The Martian government wanted to seek a cooperative alliance with Earth. But Earth would be unwilling to negotiate with a strong and robust Mars. It sought subservience. The Thirds had suddenly become a burden on what politicians thought to be Mars' future. Though he uses the anti-robot sentiments pervading Mars as a cover and an impetus to get the people on his side, it's the politics that are the real reason why D'anclaude began killing the Thirds: to pave the way for the Earth-Mars treaty.

Even after Armitage injures him, the government takes steps to help, confining him in a government hospital and giving him means of continuing his efforts to destroy the Thirds, including injecting a robot-exploding virus into networks and sending his own Assassinroids after Armitage.

His role in the conflict fades from the limelight after Ross and Armitage remove him from his room in Shiguro Hospital. It's uncertain whether he's even still alive.

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