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Anime fans would love if these Retro Games are brought back Posted Jun 6, 2018

Anime fans would love if these Retro Games are brought back

There is a meme that’s been doing the round on social media for quite some time now. It is basically a picture of things from 90s decade captioned, ‘you are a 90s kid if you have seen this or done that’. One such feature of the 90s was video gaming consoles. Nothing beat its popularity among children and adults alike. It made home gaming possible. The games were simple and fun to play.

Recently, the tremendous success of Pokemon: Go has set the wheels in motion for retro gaming to come back. Nintendo has re-launched the NES classic gaming console packed with 30 games. Old games are being launched on PlayStaion and Xbox with improved graphics and all, evidence that video games are going retro again.

We are sure Anime lovers are hoping that some of the best anime based retro games are brought back. In fact, there’s always been a strong bond between anime and video games. Have a look at few of these games that are worth re-launching.

Kyattou Ninden Teyandee

An anime series of the same name was launched in 1991 in Japan by Tatsounoko studio. It was a decent hit at that time. In 1996 when it’s English version was launched across the globe its popularity started soaring. The producers’ bad marketing strategy meant the show had to be cancelled in various countries.

It is not widely known that a game was also created based on this series. It was compatible with Nintendo Famicom. The translation project was never finished and hence it couldn’t be launched on Nintendo NES. Now that the NES is here again this game could finally be launched for larger audience.

Dragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiyajin

We would describe this as an almost perfect game. This game was never made in English. But you will be so immersed in playing that the Japanese text will won’t bother you. This game is better that Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 put together. The graphics and sound are amazing too.

The story of the game is based on Saiyan Saga as the name suggests. There are seven characters namely Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Chao-zu, Krillin, Tienshihan, and Yamcha. You could select any one of them and search for dragon balls, train in the hereafter, and fight some of the mightiest enemies. Nintendo has launched the SNES also. Dragon Ball Z: Super Budoten 2 would also be a great game to play again.

Anime fans would love if these Retro Games are brought back

Captain Tsubasa II

This is a game made just for those who love football as well as Anime. Captain Tsubasa II is in true sense hybrid as it combines football with role-playing game. The game is intense and difficult. You’ll end up playing the same matches again and again. Part of the reason it’s so lengthy. One drawback is that this game is only single-player. The sequel to this is a two-player game. You can obviously give commands for passing and shooting. But the ability to do so depends on your energy levels. A feature called guts reflects the amount of energy required to perform these tasks.

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