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Samurai Pizza CatsKyatto Ninden Teyande (γ‚­γƒ£γƒƒε…šεΏδΌγ¦γ‚„γ‚“γ§γˆ)Samurai Pizza Cats
40 TV episodes (52 were dubbed)54 TV episodes
1991 (Dubbing), Sept 9, 1996 (broadcast)Feb 1, 1990–Feb 5, 1991
SabbanTatsunoko/Sotsu Agency/SHAFT/Studio Nue/Studio Taji/TV Tokyo
Andrew Thomas
Goh Mihara
Various (Katsumi Kosuga, Kunitoshi Okajima, Mineo Fuji, Shingo Kaneko, Shinji Takagi)
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Characters: Samurai Pizza Cats

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bad Bird Karamaru Lucille Omitsu
Bat Cat Mietoru Meowzma O'Toole Gotton
Big Al Wankoh Polly Esther Pururon Nyan
Big Cheese Kon no Kami Princess Violet Usa-hime
Emperor Fred Shogun Tokugawa Speedy Cerviche Yattaro
Francine Otama Spritz T. Cat Nekkei
General Catton Rikinoshin Madonna βŠ• Deedee βŠ•
Geri Atrich Gennaraisai Michael βŠ• The Sundance Kid βŠ•
Guido Anchovy Sukashi Prince βŠ• Cosmo βŠ•
Guru Lou Reikai Nosuke

Description: Samurai Pizza Cats

An action comedy of the Super Deformed variety (think big heads on little bodies), Kyatto Ninden Teyande is the story of a land that looks a lot like old time Japan (only with lots of mechanical contraptions and the like) peopled by humanoid animals (some of them are just plain strange). This already-strange land is protected by a band of samurai cats who operate under the guise of a pizza house (that happens to have a giant revolver on the roof).

The action is intense but tripped up to make the whole business funny rather than serious. Despite all that goes on, no one dies in this series (they just get hurt a lot) and enemies get sent flying all the time. It's part of what makes an SD action series so hilarious.

When Saban acquired the rights to the series and turned it into the Samurai Pizza Cats, they proceeded to do a little creative editing (particularly with the smarty-mouthed narrator and by turning the main antagonist from a fox into a rat) to make an already-wacky series even crazier.

Note: Although the series was Dubbed in 1991, it never broadcast on American television until 1996.

Description: Samurai Pizza Cats

The Pizza Cats are a trio of humanoid cats who every episode has to fight one of their arch-enemy's (Big Cheese) robots. Every episode usually starts in a parlor called the Pizza Cat, and whenever something bad is going on, they go down ovens and get super armor and get shot out of a big cannon. Of course, they win, but the show is extremely funny and totally cool.

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