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The Best Anime Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made Posted Dec 12, 2020

The Best Anime Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made
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Prepare to become immersed in these movies as they transport you into another dimension. They will have you on the edge of your seat. Using animation, anime creators can create universes that contain endless possibilities, breathtaking settings, and in-depth narratives that leave you feeling as if you just walked out of an interactive art display.

Japanese style animation, otherwise known as anime, is a booming industry with fans from every country from across the globe. This sub-genre is part of one of the biggest Japanese movie industries out there, generating over 17.7 billion in revenue just four years ago. To an outsider, Anime might appear as a young boy’s flashy cartoon. Upon further investigation, you will soon discover that it’s more than just big action scenes as Sci-fi delves into what a futuristic world filled with futuristic technology could look like and the philosophy behind it.

Science-fiction, in general, is a prevalent sub-genre in the movie industry. So it comes as no surprise that sci-fi anime is a trendy category that is viewed by many. Some of the best scenes and storylines force viewers to do some deep self-reflection. These are our top sci-fi Anime movies and their best scenes. (Please be prepared for some spoilers).

Gantz: O

A series that’s like marmite - you either love it or hate it. Gantz is a story about recently deceased people who are brought back into the world and forced to take part in a life-threatening game. The game involves high-tech weapons and monsters of all shapes and sizes. It is also held in their hometown, making this sick game even more personal and increases the pressure to succeed.

Many have agreed that the manga is far better than the series, but that is a whole other topic. The movie is entirely different and in a separate category of its own. This CGI movie will take your breath away with a brilliant script, storyline, and a fantastic set of action scenes. The storyline is simple, making this movie perfect for anyone new to the Anime world as it doesn’t require you to have read the manga or to have familiarized yourself with the concept beforehand.

The Best Anime Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made


Robot and mad scientists, Metropolis is the perfect Sci-Fi movie if you ask me. Based in the futuristic city of Metropolis, the movie follows the story of the leader of Metropolis as he enlists the help of a scientist to clone his daughter, Tima, into a robot weapon. A private detective and his nephew, Kenichi, stop Tima from being used as a weapon.

The movie leaves the viewer pondering whether we should replace humans with machines, which is a very relatable theme as we see that happening in the current, real world. With scenes that make one think deeper about artificial intelligence and whether robots and machines can make conscious decisions. The movie for the philosophers and scientists out there who are debating whether or not robots are capable of the same level of intelligence as humans.


This movie, Akira, takes place 31 years after the Japanese government decided to drop an atomic bomb on Tokyo’s city in an ESP experiment gone wrong. The main characters Kaneda and Tetsuo, are caught up in an evil government scheme in which Tetsuo and his supernatural powers come into play.

The corrupt government and a dystopian world collide to create this well-known movie. With an intensely brilliant plot and powerful social-commentary on Japan post-war, this movie has been heard of and watched countless times across the world by millions of people, making it one of the best and most well-known Anime Sci-Fi movies out there. With one of the strongest influences anime has on pop culture, you can see the effect this movie has had on society both in Japan and in Anime communities across the world.

Castle in the Sky

A whimsical movie filled with magic, pirates, and mythical creatures, Castle in the Sky follows the orphan Sheeta and her kidnapper Colonel Muska on their adventures. While on their way to a military prison, pirates are shot down, which saves them and leads them to the second orphan of the story, Pazu. Pazu, Sheeta, and Colonel Muska find themselves on a journey to discover Muska’s city, where they will come across more pirates searching for hidden treasure in the town.

This fantasy movie, created by Studio Ghibli, is said to be one of the greatest of its kind. The Sci-Fi Anime world would not be complete without this magical, whimsical movie that tells the story of two orphans and their adventures. With steampunk elements and plenty of fantasy, this iconic movie is for anyone interested in this sub-genre of anime.

So if you’re looking for movies that will make you think and inspire some philosophical thoughts, all while keeping you entertained with plenty of gore, action, and adventure - then Sci-Fi Anime may just be the perfect choice for you. With our top picks for the best Sci-Fi Anime movies out there, you’re all set for the perfect movie night.

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