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Kuro HazamaKuro Hazama (間 黒男)Kuro Hazama (Black Jack)
Dr. Black JackDr. Black Jack
Probably in his 20sProbably in his 20s
Black and partially whiteBlack and partially white
About 5'11"About 180 cm
Unlicensed SurgeonUnlicensed Surgeon
"My fee isn't cheap""My fee isn't cheap"
Kirk ThorntonAkio Ohtsuka
Episode 1Episode 1
Black JackBlack Jack
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Black Jack (OVA)Black Jack (OVA)

Character Description: Kuro Hazama

As a child, Black Jack and his mother were caught in an explosion from an undetonated bomb that went off. Black Jack had managed to survive, thanks to a man named Dr. Jotaro Honma, but his mother ended up in a comma and never woke up. The accident was how he had received the scars he has on not only his face, but most of his body as well.

Even after a complete recovery of his injuries, Black Jack wasn't able to make his legs, as well as arms, work the way he wanted them to, so he had to go through rehabilitation. In an attempt to get his limbs working again, he even took a 400 km hike from Hiroshima to Osaka. The same man who saved Black Jack's life recorded this journey and had published it as a book title, "The Journal of a Disabled Individual."

After med-school, he refused to take a medical license because of the hypocrisy and corruption in medical establishment, but he runs his own facility. Because he doesn't have a license, he ofter runs into trouble with the authorities as well as criminals who come to him to perform illegal surgery.

Black Jack always charges insane fees for his services, which earns a lot of people calling him a heartless man or a greedy devil. But in truth, he uses the money for environmental projects and to help those who are victims of criminals and corrupt capitalists.

Despite this, he rarely lets people think that he's really a good person despite his cold and almost uncaring demeanor.

With his young charge and assistant, Pinoko, he travels the world to perform seemingly impossible operations and always manages to finish with success. Because of the miraculous and successful surgeries, he's given the title of a genius surgeon or, as in the OVA series, "The Doctor with the Hands of God".

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