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Character Profile: Elroy

USA Info
Japanese Info
Elroy Eruroi Elroy (Black Lagoon)
"Big Horn" Elroy  
Human Human
Mid 60's Mid 60's
Gray Gray
Obscured by sunglasses Obscured by sunglasses
Getaway specialist, former mercenary Getaway specialist, former mercenary
Ron Halder Masaru Ikeda(池田 勝)
Episode 15, "Swan Song at Dawn" Episode 15, "Swan Song at Dawn"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon

Character Description: Elroy

"Big Horn" Elroy was a former mercenary living on one of the islands in the South China Sea, working as a getaway specialist there. The crew of the Black Lagoon had been contacted by Gretel to facilitate her escape from Roanapur following the war with Hotel Moscow (by this time, her brother Hansel had already been killed by Balalaika and Hotel Moscow). During the trip, she had made a small friendship with Rock, although he was extremely distressed at what had happened with her and Hansel – being abused by pedophile pornographers, which turned the two into psychotic killers.

However, once making landfall, Elroy, sometime after greeting Dutch and starting arrangements, had abruptly taken-out a handgun and shot Gretel from behind in the head – just as she was about to leave, killing her almost instantly. Knowing that no one would trust him again with a job, Elroy told Dutch about his actions. Balalaika had contacted Elroy about the job the Lagoon Company was doing and paid Elroy handsomely to kill Gretel. Elroy did have his reasons accepting the job – recently, he had received a call from his son's wife, who lived in Elroy's home country of South Africa, informing Elroy that his only son was diagnosed with cancer. The money she paid him was to go for the treatments. With nothing else to say, he left the group, saying he was tired of the business.

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