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Mihael KeehlMihael Keehl (ミハエル・ケール)Mihael Keehl (Death Note)Mihael Keehl (Death Note)
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Mihaeru Kēru (romanization)
MelloMello (メロ)
14 years old (at debut) (source: states "I'm almost 15" when introduced), about 19 years old (after time skip) (born December 13th, 1992)14 years old (at debut) (source: states "I'm almost 15" when introduced), about 19 years old (after time skip) (born December 13th, 1992)
114.6 lbs52kg
Type AType A
Mafia Leader/DeceasedMafia Leader/Deceased
David HurwitzNozomu Sasaki
Episode 27 (partial debut in episode 26), Chapter 59 (manga)Episode 27 (partial debut in episode 26), Chapter 59 (manga)
Death NoteDeath Note

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Mihael Keehl

Mello is like Near in the fact that they both grew up in the orphanage, they're both highly intelligent, and they both had the chance to become the next L. Due to L's sudden death (as well as Watari's), they had to choose on the spot who would become the next L instead of letting L choose.

Mello basically said screw it and let Near have the position, sort of out of jealousy. Mello was always second best to Near in every way. Mello then went out on his own, became the leader of a mafia group, and began hunting down Kira and a Death Note. Instead of giving everything away, I'm gonna end this by saying that Mello loves chocolate bars. And by loves, I mean that you'll rarely ever see Mello without a chocolate bar.

The scar on his face was caused by an explosive that he set off in a last desperate attempt to not get caught by the investigation team, of which had a Death Note and Shinigami eyes that could have killed him before he had the chance to catch Kira.

Mello's real name of Mihael Keehl is revealed in volume 9, chapter 73, pages 62-63 of the manga.

In book 9 of Death Note, it's read that Light's father, Soichiro Yagami asked Ryuuku to give him the Shinigami Eyes so that he could see the names of Mello's accomplices. When he found Mello, it read above him that his real name is Mihael Keehl (these guys have weird names huh?).

In book 7, it is stated that when Mello left the orphanage he said that he was almost 15. In chapter 60, it starts showing Kira/Light's progress and it starts out in 2005, like the year it was when it first showed Mello, and then it switches to 2009, four years later, thus making Mello about 19 years old. Also, when it showed Mello's name, it showed his life span as well, which was 502209.

Mello dies at the age of 20.

Note: In the manga, Mello was born in 1989, not 1992 like in the anime, because the anime shifted everything forward by three years.

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