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Koichi KimuraKouichi Kimura (輝一 木村)Koichi Kimura (Digimon: Digital Monsters)
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11 years old11 years old
Dark BlueDark Blue
Warrior of DarknessWarrior of Darkness
"I believe in you, brother."
Crispin FreemanKenichi Suzumura
Digimon: Digital Monsters (season 4)Digimon: Digital Frontier

Character Description: Koichi Kimura

Kouichi is Koji's 'older' twin brother. Their parents were divorced when they were very young, so they hardly knew about each other. But Kouichi soon learned about Koji when his grandma told him on her death bed. He ran after Koji, who was on his way to the Digital World, to try and catch up to him, but he fell down some stairs after missing the elevator and ended up in a comma as a result. His mind somehow ended up in the DigitalWorld by Cherubimon, who could see his sadness. He erased Kouichi's memories and gave the Spirit of Darkness to give him a semi-phyiscal form as Duskmon.

As Duskmon, Kouichi had no memory of Koji until Duskmon almost killed Koji during their first two confontations, and hearing Koji's name being said over and over gave Duskmon great pain. Since then, Duskmon had been fighting Koji to know the connection between them. Cherubimon gave him his Beast Spirit to become Velgmon, but Ophanimon's restored Kouichi's memories. Cherubimon warped Duskmon's memories, but Kouichi was freed from his Spirits' control. But when Kouichi tried to fight Cherubimon, his Spirits were restored to him, only puirified. The new Spirits of Darkness enabled Kouichi to become the human-type Lowemon and the beast-type JagerL�wemon.

When the Royal Knights keep knocking everyone out, his Fractal Code doesn't appear like the others do when hit. Crusadermon reveals he has no real physical form, which made Kouichi question his purpose. When Lucemon was about to finish off the DigiDestined, Kouichi made his resolve, performing the ultimate sacrifice to save the others and gave his Spirits to Koji, who with Takuya, united ALL the spirits to form Susanoumon.

When Susanoumon finally defeated Lucemon, the kids return to their world. Lowemon's face appears in Koji's D-Tector of Kouichi being close to death. After learning what happened to Kouichi, they head to the hospital. The incident Lucemon placed Kouichi close to death, but with the power of the D-Tectors and a tear from his brother, Kouichi awakened. He introduces Koji to their mom once he fully recovered.

Editor's Note: I've been told by someone that in the closing credits, Koichi's name is spelled "Kouwiji". I have not been able to verify this, but I can tell you that if is true, it was not done on purpose. Kouichi and Kouji's names come from a proposed meaning of "sibling number one", and "sibling number two". The name "Kouichi" brings him to be the elder sibling, as "ichi" is hiiragana for the number "one", while the name "Kouji" brings him to be the younger sibling, as "ji" is the kanji meaning for number "two".

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