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YuriYuriYuri (Dirty Pair: Project Eden)
Engineered HumanEngineered Human
19 years (born March 18, 2122)19 years (born March 18, 2122)
Black (sometimes "anime-blue")Black (sometimes "anime-blue")
5'6"168 cm
121 lbs54 kg
33-22-35"83-56-90 cm
Trouble Consultant for the WWWATrouble Consultant for the WWWA
"Its not our fault!"
Wendee Lee (original Streamline dub), Jessica Cavello (original ADV dub), Allison Sumrall (replacement ADV dub)Shimazu Saeko
Dirty Pair: Project EdenDirty Pair: Project Eden
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Dirty Pair: Girls with GunsDirty Pair: Girls with Guns
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Dirty Pair: Damsels of DestructionDirty Pair: Damsels of Destruction
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Yuri (from Dirty Pair Flash)Yuri (from Dirty Pair Flash)

Character Description: Yuri

Yuri is a Trouble Consultant with the WWWA, an intergalactic "peace organization", with military interventionist tendancies.

She and her partner, Kei, are genetically enhanced, making them excellent fighters. Together, they are charged with taking care of problems for the WWWA, often involving bountyhunter-type activites, assasination, and occasion diplomatic missions.

Wherever the two travel, massive destruction occurs, this has given the two the nickname "Dirty Pair". Whole planets sometimes begin evacuation when word of their arrival spreads. For that reason, they travel discreetly whenever possible.

Yuri is demure and doesn't speak as often or as loudly as Kei. Yui likes romanic men, and longs for her childhood sweetheart, Billy Galet. She uses is small calibur hand blaster as her weapon of choice, and is often ridiculed by Kei for using such a wimpy gun. She also likes using the elegant, yet often ineffective "bloody card" as a weapon. This razor-like rectanglular throwing weapon is often worn as earring jewelrey.

Yuri is a deep-thinking pacifist compared to her partner, but will engage in extreme, tear-filled violent acts of vengance whenever Kei is harmed. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if these are the actions of a "mother-figure", or an "unrequited lover". Additionally, Yuri displays hostile jealousy towards the many men in Kei's life.

Yuri is a very caring individual, but when it comes to Kei, the caring reaches an amazing new order of magnitude. The two have known one another since at least gradeschool, and are, at a minimum, best friends- on rare occasion hinting at something more beneath the surface.

Yuri has black hair, which sometimes appears in anime-blue. Her extra-long legs are from the "sexy hottie" school of anime drawing. Like Kei, she is drawn differently in the sequel series "Dirty Pair Flash".

It must be noted that probably the best renditions of them are inked and written by American manga artist Adam Warren, in the U.S. comic book series. Though the other versions of the Dirty Pair never fail to delight viewers, either.

Kei and Yuri choose to wear tiny bikinis as uniforms. They are oblivious to modesty, and exemplify themselves as strong willed, tough-talking, pistol-packin' mamas with a gleam of intellect and self-determination in their eyes. They are a bit like prototypes for Xena and Gabrielle, from the live-action series "Xena", come to think of it.

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