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Anime Profile: Dirty Pair: Girls with Guns

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dirty Pair: Girls with GunsDirty Pair: Girls with Guns
5 TV episodes
A.D. VisionStudio NUE/Vap/Sunrise
Haruka Takechiho
Action, Comedy, Sci-FiAction, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Dirty Pair: Project EdenDirty Pair: Project Eden
· · ·
Dirty Pair: Damsels of DestructionDirty Pair: Damsels of Destruction
· · ·
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1
· · ·
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2
· · ·
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3
Chief GooleyChief Gooley
· · ·
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Characters: Dirty Pair: Girls with Guns

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chief Gooley Chief Gooley Yuri Yuri
Kei Kei Dr. Q --?--
Mughi Mughi Warden --?--

Description: Dirty Pair: Girls with Guns

From rescuing a warden during a prison uprising, to chasing a rogue battle robot during a city-wide Halloween celebration, to saving one of their own from gambling, there is nothing that Kei and Yuri, anime's original "Lovely Angels" won't do to keep the universe safe and clean. Let's just hope that the insurance companies take their tranquilizers while settling the damage claims after they're done.

Note: the costume that Yuri wears in these TV episodes is a silver-tone one, and not the gold-tone one that comes later.

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