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Anime Profile: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1
6 OVA episodes6 OVA episodes
ADV Films (original licensor), RightStuf (new licensor)Studio NUE/Sunrise
Haruka Takechiho
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Characters: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
A A Lady Flair Lady Flair
B B Waldess Waldess
C C Yuri Yuri
Iwashimizu Iwashimizu Zak Zak
Kei Kei Lillie Lillie

Description: Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1

Our first story centers around two seventeen year old girls, whom for as yet unknown reasons have decided to be galactic police officers. At first sight, Kei and Yuri must be considered an ill match at best, as they cannot agree on anything and represent a danger to themselves and others. However, the powers that be have decided that the unique talents of these two junior agents CAN be harnessed and in time they can be molded into top class Trouble Consultants. (It would appear that this is their first assignment outside their WWWA training period, and I would therefore guess that the Flash adventures take place after the Shatsi incident but before the other stories.)

Trouble already seems to know how to find Kei and Yuri, as it quite literally drops at Yuri's feet. This is very inconvenient since Yuri is waiting for a date. (At this point in their lives, it seems Yuri is purely occupied with how cute she is, while Kei plans to be able to out shoot everyone!) The girls suddenly find themselves being chased by a large number of heavily armed assassins, who seem to want the data card Yuri now has in her possession, even though Yuri does not actually want it.

Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1 While fleeing from the attackers, Yuri and Kei manage to constantly be at each others throats. As they make their way to the safety of 3WA headquarters, our heroines manage to lay waste to a large part of the derelict suburbs of the city. With a little help from headquarters, the girls make it back with the data card. While the data card is being decrypted, Yuri and Kei are given a simple bodyguard assignment. Unfortunately their assignment doesn't last long as their targets are taken out! Kei, followed by Yuri, give chase to the person they believe to be the assassin, but find that, as good as the girls are (albeit inexperienced), they are totally out classed by this new adversary. (This of course really upsets Kei, who is not used to being beaten!)

Back at headquarters the assassin is identified as Lady Flair, and the girls are ordered not to pursue the matter. Lady Flair is too dangerous for junior agents to apprehend. Kei is furious at being ordered not to pursue Lady Flair and storms out. In order to give Kei time to cool down, Yuri is given another assignment.

While on her own, Kei manages to track the assassin on board a luxury ship, and finds her meeting with a man named Waldess, who she has seen before. Meanwhile, Yuri is informed that Kei has been placed on suspension for disobeying direct orders, and Yuri is to bring her back for her own good.

On board the ship Kei corners Lady Flair, who outwits her, but due to a mishap of Yuri's the ship goes out of control and Kei's luck enables her to obtain the upper hand, leading to an unfortunate demise for Lady Flair. Unfortunately, the ship itself is also lost, but the girls manage to survive as usual.

Yuri, still mad at Kei, arrests her for the improper use of illegal weapons while on suspension. Kei, outraged by Yuri's behavior, quits, and Yuri is granted a new partner, Lillie. Unfortunately, Lillie makes Yuri look like a dedicated agent at this point.

Kei is now tracking Waldess as a freelance operative in her usual discreet manner, with the help of some gang members she has under her thumb. Meanwhile, Yuri and Lillie are now also tracking Waldess, who has been under investigation by section 9 officers for some time. Yuri and Lillie are to assist in the operation to capture Waldess at the spaceport. However Lillie is a very pale imitation of Kei and panics during the operation. All mayhem is let loose as opposing forces attempt to nail Waldess. As civilians dive everywhere, the spaceport is reduced to rubble. Fortunately civilian casualties are quite minimal, probably because Kei is not around.

It is now known that Waldess has the override access for the galactic communications system, which he plans to use to blackmail the galaxy. Unfortunately, the ordinary galactic police are unable to stop Waldess. However Yuri has managed to stay on his tail, but as they close in, Lillie decides this is all too much for such a cute girl and abandons Yuri, leaving her plunging to certain death!

Just at that moment Kei appears through the thick of the fighting along with their boss (Garner) and rescues Yuri. Yuri is somewhat taken aback by Kei's arrival, thinking that Kei no longer cared for her.

Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 1 The three of them manage to board the space station. Yuri and Kei go round in one direction, while Garner goes round the other way. On his way around Garner comes across and old friend whom Kei is to find has a secret that really surprises her.

Meanwhile, Kei and Yuri have found Waldess and are attempting to subdue him, when Garner and his friend come to assist them. After a pitch battle and a large amount of gunfire, Waldess is terminated and the girls have completed the case objectives, though not without casualties. The communications station, essential to this region of the galaxy, has not fared as well as the girls and is just about to explode. Therefore our adventurers make their exit just in time to catch a ring side view of the station going up into a million pieces.

Finally back at WWWA headquarters, Garner debriefs the girls and informs them that they have now been assigned as full field agents and the code name "Lovely Angels" has been allocated to them, along with their own cruiser. While Garner himself closes one of his own past cases for good.

Both Kei and Yuri, despite their continual disagreements, leave together having proved ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT. They cannot bare to be apart and each needs the other, even if they are unable to admit it. As they drive away, you know this is the start of a long and deep friendship that will see them through many situations.

During this story, watch out for the first assignment that Yuri and her new partner are given and note Yuri's reaction to her new partners behavior. If only Kei could have seen it! I also believe that Kei and Yuri could have learned a lot from Freya, but alas!

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