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Character Profile: BT

USA Info
Japanese Info
BT   BT (.hack//sign)
Human Human
Female Female
23 years old 23 years old
Blonde Blonde
Green Green
5'6" About 168 cm
156.8 lbs About 71.1 kg
Wave Master Wave Master
"He's been very useful to us."  
Donna Rawlins Akiko Hiramatsu
.hack//sign .hack//sign

Character Description: BT

BT is a somewhat secretive character. Initially we see her alongside Bear. Apparently the pair were in some kind of team or battle group initially. But soon after, BT goes out on her own and has a couple of encounters/confrontations with Sora. BT also seems to build a relationship with Krim. She seems to be intent on finding the Key of the Twilight and ultimately unlocking the mysteries of The World.

Even though the Key of the Twilight is essentially a myth, BT appears to be willing to search for it. Her motives for doing so are not entirely clear and generally speaking, she does seem to be a good character. However, BT seems to "join forces" with multiple characters during the series. Despite this, BT ultimately seems to have the strongest link to Bear. She and Bear often discuss The World and their ideas of what Tsukasa's circumstance means. There is also an implication that perhaps BT and Bear are romantically involved in real life (there is one scene that shows BT and Bear laying together in a forest, having a philosophical discussion of sorts).

BT's name comes from the sandwich, BLT. She took the L out because, as she states in one episode, she is indifferent towards lettuce as it is tasteless. She never tells whether she prefers bacon or tomatoes, but it's a moot point.

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