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Shino NanaoShino NanaoShino Nanao (.hack//roots)
Harvest ClericHarvest Cleric
18 years old18 years old
Soft PinkSoft Pink
PC CharacterPC Character
"It'll be alright"
Kelly SheridanKaori Nazuka

Character Description: Shino Nanao

Shino is the kind and caring mother figure of the "Twilight Brigade", a guild created by the player Ovan for the purpose of finding the "Key of the Twilight". Along with Sakisaka, she looks after new members Tabby and Haseo when the Guild master Ovan disappears whilst in separate pursuit of the Key.

Shino is the one who helps Tabby when she first joins and offers her membership to the "Twilight Brigade" but her role in that is unwillingly (on Sakisaka's side) taken over by Sakisaka. Haseo was harder to convince to join but eventually he does and they develop a close but slightly uncomfortable relationship.

When Ovan disappears after they believe he discovered the Key of the Twilight, Haseo and Shino's relationship builds to the point that they hardly spend time away from each other inside the game.

After Ovan disappears Shino becomes guild master, but decides after it seems that we will not return to disband the Twilight Brigade. Sakisaka and Tabby split off into their own group and Haseo and Shino wander around together in the Town and in some of the Lost Grounds. (Lost Grounds are areas of the game that appear and disappear through time, they are outside of the Administrators control and have no monsters within them, excluding the Forest of Pain, which was created by the Administrators as a special even and was partially deleted afterward.)

Unfortunately Shino is PK (Player Killed) by another character called Tri Edge, and she becomes a "Lost One", after which Haseo comes up with the assumption that if he kills Tri Edge, he can bring her back. It is unknown if he succeeds.

"Lost Ones" are characters who have been PK by Tri Edge, their PC dies in a different way to the normal death in The World and are un-relivable, and in reality they fall unconscious, with no way to tell what causes their predicament Doctors are unable to wake the PK'd game players. It is unknown if any of the "Lost Ones" ever wake up.

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