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MayuMayuMayu (Elfen Lied)
13 years old (eps 1-4), 14 years old (after episode 4)13 years old (eps 1-4), 14 years old (after episode 4)
Cynthia Martinez"I won't do this anymore!"
Emiko Hagiwara (萩原 えみこ)
Episode 2, "Annihilation"Episode 2, "Annihilation"
Elfen LiedElfen Lied

Character Description: Mayu

Mayu is a very shy, young girl (thirteen years old in episodes 1-4, fourteen years old after that) with a hard past. You first see her in episode two in the rain with her dog, Wanta, in a makeshift shelter. Later, after Lucy almost kills a solider, you see her come out, and she sees Lucy run by, she then see the umbrella from the inn. When she does she also sees the man that Lucy tried to kill. She then starts to question and ask if he is okay. She takes quick care of him and calls an ambulance.

Later she goes to the inn to give them back the umbrella. She tells Kouta that she found it the night before and he starts to rashly question her about what she saw. When he later asked her address and phone number she excuses herself and she does not answer.

Later you see her at a market, getting free scraps of food, she of course says they're for Wanta. Afterwards she runs in to Yuka. When she sees Yuka looking at her food, she says goodbye and quickly runs away.

The poor girl ends up walking in on the fight between Lucy and Nana. When she is taken to the hospital and asked to call her family, she calls the inn instead, and Kouta comes to get her. She is taken to the inn to stay the night and what not, but leaves in the morning before they can talk to her.

In a very depressing flashback, she is introduced to her new father (her step-father). In my opinion he is a sick individual. Telling her to "Hurry up and take off your clothes." And every time he does something like that he praises her by calling her a "good girl." There is no need to tell you what he does, you can already draw that picture. When she tells her mother her mother replays back slapping her across the face and saying "The one we don't need is you! As long as you are here he..." So basically saying do what he asks. Then one time when he wants her to undress she tells him no more and runs away from home, which is why she is living on the streets. When running away she meets a dog who she names Wanta.

When she was on the beach reminiscing about the past a woman runs up to and grabs her missing dog from Mayu. Mayu asks if she can ever visit him, the woman tells her "Such dirty clothes. You've got to be kidding!" and walks away.

Later on Mayu meets Nana, and befriends her. Telling how to survive and so forth. After so much time they later are asked to move in the inn. She goes through all the trials and tribulations with Lucy and continues to live with them all.

So after all of the episodes she still is living in the inn with everybody, minus Lucy and Nana.

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