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TakkunTakkunTakkun (FLCL)Takkun (FLCL)
MM robot core
Cat, robot (robot core)Cat, robot (robot core)
Male (cat), none (robot; appears male)Male (cat), none (robot; appears male)
Black (cat), none (robot)Black (cat), none (robot)
Black (cat), none (robot)Black (cat), none (robot)
Mamimi's cat, missing core to Medical Mechanica RobotMamimi's cat, missing core to Medical Mechanica Robot
Jun Mizuki (the cat)

Character Description: Takkun

The first Takkun is a kitten that Mamimi saved. She named him Takkun. He's just a playful kitten that ran away on episode six. He found another cat and fell in love and was never seen again.

The second Takkun is the robot dog-like terminal core. Mamimi found him, put him on a leash, and kept him. She used him to get revenge on those who mistreated her. That little robot would eat cellphones and grow. Then he moved on to motorcycles, and so he grew. When he became too much for Mamimi to handle, he joined with Canti and tried to activate the Medical Mechanica plant.

Character Description: Takkun

Takkun is the name given to the robot core that Mamimi finds in the river running through Mabase. She finds the little mechanical creature running around and decides to make it her pet, naming it Takkun.

In the great battle with MM robot #3, Kanchi smacks the robot so hard that he knocks a rather large chunk out of it, the main core to be exact, sending it flying off as the robot was rendered inactive and simply landed on it's head, becoming the giant hand ready to grab the Medical Mechanica Iron factory (episode 6). The core lands in the river, eventually ending up under the bridge that Mamimi frequents.

At first, the core appears dead, but after Mamimi blows smoke at it, it starts running around, almost as if dancing. It then snatches Mamimi's cell phone away from her and tries to eat it, but she stops him. Before this, Mamimi had been feeling rather distant from Naota as he was no longer the shut-in negative boy she loved to harass, but was becoming more receptive to her attentions and actually tried to take her out to lunch.

She was repulsed by Naota no longer repelling away from her advances. She also spots him and Haruko kissing, and nearly loses it when she does. She thinks for a moment as the core holds her cell-phone, her only means of keeping Naota's number, and lets the robot core eat it, a way of detaching herself from Naota. From now on, she calls the core 'Takkun', the nick-name she gave to Naota.

It's after this that Mamimi starts gathering cell phones from her high school for the little Takkun to eat. Every time he eats one, he gets bigger slightly, eventually growing to the size of a dog (actually looking like one two, complete with a leash and a little wagging tail). Once Takkun gets big enough, Mamimi makes a list of people she wants to get revenge on, using Takkun to eat their Vespa's and motorbikes.

Eventually Takkun grows so large that he can eat entire cars. It's about that time when he also stops listening to orders from Mamimi and starts eating anything that has moving motor parts, getting bigger and bigger until he is the size of a multi-story building. Once it is large enough, he starts heading to the large hand, attempting to re-unite himself with the MM robot to complete it's task.

Side Notes: Kanchi does not attack Takkun, he does not even get the chance to once Takkun walks by him and automatically absorbs Kanchi before he has a chance to realize what is going on. He needs two parts to reunite himself with the MM robot, Kanchi and Naota, who acts as the key for Kanchi. When he first appears, Takkun looks like a little computer chip with 4 legs attached to it, looking like a spider of some kind, but eventually growing into a dog like creature and then into a multi-legged creature with a dragon-like head.

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