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KitsurubamiKitsurubamiKitsurubami (FLCL)
Unknown (appears to be in her 20's)Unknown (appears to be in her 20's)
Commander Amarao's AssistantCommander Amarao's Assistant
L. VillaChiemi Senyou

Character Description: Kitsurubami

Kitsurubami is one of the agents of Immigration Department CP, the agency headed by Commander Amarao that keeps track of alien visitors to planet Earth. Kitsurubami is very serious about her work, and is the only other agent (besides Amarao himself) we see on a regular basis, and she's usually answering to Amarao directly. She keeps things professional, however, even when it seems Amarao's hitting on her. Case in point, in episode 4, she gets disgusted when she sips from a drink from which Amarao had just sipped moments earlier. The disgust is not for reasons of sanitation but (according to director Tsurumaki) because it's like an indirect kiss.

Kitsurubami tries to keep a level head and act like a soldier, but like everything else in Mabase, things just don't turn out that way. In episode 5, she's sent by Amarao to take out Lord Canti using an anti-vehicular sniper rifle (how she's able to fit the huge gun into her compact car, no one knows). She's instructed to take it out while it's blue (and in its vulnerable state), but Haruko intervenes and uses her guitar to send the supposed kill shot back at her. Her car gets blown up, and she's thrown into the river. Then she faces Canti itself. Originally scared like hell, Canti's courteous behavior eventually calms her down. In fact, by the end of the episode, Kitsurubami seems to have fallen for it.

You could say she is the only real mature adult on FLCL. Even with these qualities, she still has those goofy cartoon moments, especially in episode five.

Character Description: Kitsurubami

Kitsurubami is the assistant commander at the Mabase Immigration Dept. CP, working under Commander Amarao. She is an attractive young woman with tan skin and a professional attitude.

She works as Amarao's assistant, sometimes doing menial tasks for him like putting stuff in the trash for him and driving him around town. She also performs serious tasks like taking care of several aspects of the base while Amarao is out and about tracking Naota and Haruko. She was even charged with the job of taking out Kanchi with a high powered sniper rifle, but was unable to do so and ended falling charm to Kanchi. She also has to deal with the fact that Amarao sometimes tries to come onto her, always having to refuse his advances.

She appears to try and keep a seriousness around herself while she does her job, but with everything else around her being so warped and silly, she has a hard time pulling it off. She also has a serious problem with Amarao's large eyebrows, just the sight of them makes her sweat and become uneasy.

Side notes: She makes the mistake of accidentally drinking out of the same cup as Amarao, turning blue and almost throwing up when she realizes what she just did, hinting that the less she has to do with her commander the better. She gets to see Amarao without his large eyebrows at the end of episode 4, resulting in her screaming her head off.

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