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Character Profile: Amiboshi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Amiboshi Amiboshi Amiboshi (Fushigi Yûgi)
Bu Koutoku Bu Koutoku
· · ·
Kaika Kaika
· · ·
Chiriko Chiriko
Human Human
Male Male
15 years old(born August 26th) 15 years old(born August 26th)
Dirty blonde Dirty blonde
Blue Blue
5'8" 173 cm
Seiryu Warrior Seiryu Warrior
"I wish...I was born as one of the Suzaku seven" "I wish...I was born as one of the Suzaku seven"
  Ueda Yuuji
Fushigi Yûgi Fushigi Yuugi

Character Description: Amiboshi

Amiboshi is a warrior for Seiryu. He has a twin brother named Suboshi. He pretends to be Chiriko, Warrior of Suzaku, so he can mess up the summoning of Suzaku.

He drowns himself in a river. Later it is found out that he didn't die. He wanted to die so Seiryu coudln't be summoned.

Character Description: Amiboshi

Amiboshi is the twin brother of Suboshi. While Suboshi is the more agressive and violent twin, Amiboshi is the one that prefers peace and doesn't like to fight. The twins were born in a town wracked with war and battle. As orphans, they had to do everything needed to survive and Amiboshi just didn't want anyone else to suffer the way he did, therefore he helped the Seiryu seven, believing that the Suzaku seven would ruin the peace.

In the series, he first comes as Chiriko but he's obviously revealed to be Amiboshi. Everyone then thinks he dies since he fell into the river. Later, though, Miaka stumbles on him only to discover that he was alive and was living with his "mother" and "father". His "parents" think that he still doesn't have his memory back and convince him that he's their son, Kaika.

Then, when Miaka realizes he DOES have his memories, the reason why he fought against the Suzaku seven is clear. Miaka realizes that Nakago's been telling lies. That's when the soldier's come; Amiboshi protects Miaka and tries to reunite her with Tamahome. He played his flute to disrupt Tomo's illusion and saved Miaka from Tomo. Then he loses his memory again...

Amiboshi also goes by the alias "Kaika", the name he was given after he was found by the sairou couple.

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