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USA Info
Japanese Info
Miaka YúkiMiaka YúkiMiaka Yúki (Fushigi Yûgi)
· · ·
Miaka Yuki (alternate spelling)
15 years (born May 12)15 years (born May 12)
Reddish brownReddish brown
Greenish goldGreenish gold
5'2"158 cm
105.8 lbs48 kg
Type BType B
Priestess of SuzakuPriestess of Suzaku
"Gimme back my Food!!"
Bridgett Hoffman
Fushigi YûgiFushigi Yuugi

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Miaka Yúki

Miaka Yúki is an average teenage girl who gets pulled into a book, The Universe of the Four God, a book about ancient China. She has a lot of fun and encounters a lot of danger, but she also finds love, Tamahome, and learns some horrible truths.

This other world sure is interesting!

Character Description: Miaka Yúki

Miaka is very outgoing and extremely optimistic. She got sucked into the Universe of Four Gods with her best friend, Yui Hong, and then went back to her world. She got in a huge fight with her brother and decided to go to the book again. When she entered the book, she found Tamahome, a boy who was very greedy. Later, she and Tamahome were locked up in the dungeon of the palace. Miaka later befriended the emperor, Hotohori, and heard voices in her head. The book got closed and Miaka's way back home was sealed off, so she decided to become the Priestess of Suzaku, and started her search for the Suzaku Celestial Warriors. Tamahome and Hotohori were Celestial Warriors. The other Celestial Warriors names are Nuriko, Chichiri, Tasuki, Chiriko, and Mitsukake.

Other Info: Miaka has a humongous eating habit, but somehow manages to not get fat. Miaka is very Naive! Very! She always keep a smile on. She loves Tamahome and he loves her, but Miaka is also bombarded by Hotohori's unrequited love for her. She never fails to rush in to help someone in need, and likes Tamahome's family very much.

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