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Japanese Info
NurikoNurikoNuriko (Fushigi Yûgi)
Chou RyuuenChou Ryuuen
Male (pretending to be female)Male (pretending to be female)
18 years (Born March 10)18 years (Born March 10)
5'5"166 cm
Type BType B
Suzaku WarriorSuzaku Warrior
"Wait for me, Tama-kins!"
Mary Elizabeth McGlynnChika Sakamoto
Fushigi YûgiFushigi Yuugi

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Nuriko

Nuriko, also known as Kourin when we first meet him, is the seeming homosexual male in the series. He dresses up as a woman and pretends he is until Miaka finds out otherwise in episode five.

Nuriko has incredible strength because of his Suzaku powers (he has yanagi, the sign of the willow, just below his neck), he is able to lift almost anything he wants or take out almost anyone with one punch.

Nuriko (Fushigi Yûgi) Nuriko at first pretends that he is in love with Tamahome, which makes Miaka incredibly jealous. But later on, she discovers that he is truthfully after Emperor Hotohori. Contrary to popular belief, though, Nuriko is not gay: just struggling with his memories.

Nuriko dresses like a woman because of a tragic accident that happened when his sister died, and he didn't want to lose her.

Nuriko at first seems like a snotty hussy and will do anything to make Miaka mad, but later in the series, he matures and eventually starts dressing like a man, and even to the point where he cuts his long hair and begins to talk like a man.

Nuriko dies in the second season, and Miaka takes the bracelets that were given to him.

Character Description: Nuriko

At age twelve, Nuriko witnessed his little nine-year-old sister, Kourin, being trampled and hit by a near carriage. As time grew on he couldn't grasp his little sister being dead so he changed his appearance to look like what his sister would have. He wanted to live out his sister's life so she wouldn't really be dead. All this leads to Nuriko being a bisexual or gay (at least, that's the assumption; he isn't really).

But really, Nuriko is a fun loving type of person who can cheer you up. He fell in love with Hotohori and tried to win his love each time but failed. Once he noticed his love taking a liking into Miaka he became furious and went against her. After a while, he became friends with Miaka. Later on in the show in search of the Shinzaho, he dies while making a noble sacrifice for Suzaku and is missed terribly by all his friends.

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