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Character Profile: Chichiri

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chichiri Chichiri Chichiri (Fushigi Yûgi)
Ri Houjun Ri Houjun
Human Human
Male Male
24 years old(born May 21) 24 years old(born May 21)
Blue(blond in the manga) Blue(blond in the manga)
Brown Brown
5'9" 175 cm
Suzaku Warrior Suzaku Warrior
"Ya know" "No Da."
Sean Mithcell Tomokazu Seki
Episode 8 Episode 8
Fushigi Yûgi Fushigi Yuugi

Character Description: Chichiri

Chichiri is one of the Suzaku Warriors who also is a mysterious monk. Chichiri has a scar across his left eye. Your probably wondering why huh? Well its quite simple. When Chichiri was about 18 years old, he saw his friend kissing his fiancee, Kouran. Then he and his friend fought over Kouran and Houjun fell in the stream, a log came toward him and jabbed out his left eye. Poor Houjun. He often wears a smiling mask to conceal that scar.

His Suzaku sign is "sho", the sign of the well.

Character Description: Chichiri

Always smiling, it seems that nothing is wrong with Chichiri. This is merely a facade. Behind his smiling mask is a scarred face reflective of his tragic past.

When he was younger, his best friend, Hikou, was in love with his fiancee. One day, Hikou let his feelings overcome him. For this, his fiancee felt she was unfaithful and told Chichiri that she didn't deserve to be with him. Believing Hikou had betrayed him, Chichiri confronted his friend in the midst of a flood that killed his family and fiancee. The ground beneath Hikou crumbled and he fell into this rushing river. Despite his seeming betrayal, Chichiri held onto his friend's arm, desperate to save him. However, a log pierced Chichiri's eye and in pain, he let go of Hikou's hand.

Chichiri felt that he had killed his own friend and never let the wound heal. To keep others from seeing his scar, he wears an ever smiling mask. He cares deeply for his fellow Suzaku no Seishi, as well as Miaka, though not in a romantic way.

In the anime, he is once again confronted by his friend. Hikou blamed Chichiri for everything and vowed to take away everything precious to him. The shock hurt Chichiri deeply, and unable to bring himself to kill Hikou a second time, he tells the other Suzaku no Seishi of his tragic past. Mitsukake gives him words of encouragement that help Chichiri stand up to his friend. After they defeat Hikou, he does not let go of Hikou's hand, who then realizes how kind Chichiri is. He then tells Chichiri the whole story of his fiancee's rejection. As Hikou returns to the water, Chichiri cries over his friend's second death, vowing that he will be reunited with his friend and fiancee in heaven one day.

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