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MakubexMakubex (マクベス)Makubex (Get Backers)
14 years old (born November 1)14 years old (born November 1)
5'3"160 cm
114.6 lbs52 kg
Type ABType AB
New leader of the VoltsNew leader of the Volts
Andrea Skola (episode 1), Scott Yi (episode 5), John MinnickMitsuki Saiga
Get BackersGet Backers

Character Description: Makubex

Makubex was known as the unknown boy of the Infinity City. Makube came from the tag that was hanging in the bag were Makubex was found, plus X for his unknown name. No one really knows his name, and all he knows is that Makube was his surname.

Makubex is really a kind, intelligent boy and was one of the four kings of the Volts. Unlike the other three, he adored Ginji Amano, and he had the hardest time adjusting when Ginji left the Infinity City.

Makubex became the new leader of the Volts because of his intelligence. His computer skills are the best anyone has ever seen, it's like as natural as breathing air, and he could make an atomic bomb with a little help outside the City.

Makubex was the closest to go to the Babylon city, the upper level of the Infinity City. There are three levels of the city, the Lower Town where the Volts ruled, the Middle Belt, where Kazuki had reached, and the Babylon City, the upper level of the Infinity City, which no one has ever reached before.

Makubex believed that Babylon city controled all of their lives and wanted to make a deal with the god of the City. That's why he made the A-bomb, but he soon failed when his calculation went wrong and he was defeated by Ban Midou's evil eye.

Character Description: Makubex

MakubeX is the computer genius of all Infinity City, therefore he is well known. MakubeX was abandoned as a baby in Infinity City and was raised by Radou Gen, a Pharmacist (also one of the programmers of Infinity City). He became one of Infinity City's Four Kings in the group started by Amano Ginji, the Thunder Emperor, who started VOLTS.

MakubeX's past is mysterious, thus making people worry about him. Though his interests are for the best, people don't trust him, and want to hurt him. His life is confusing, but it will all be wrapped up in the end.

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