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Gundam Mech: Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Wing Zero was first built by Quatre Raberbe Winner, but if you've seen the series you know that he is not suited for it. Quatre goes crazy, and nearly destroys the other Gundam pilots, because the Zero System is controlling him. Enter Zechs Marquise, who can tell that Wing Zero is predicting the enemy's moves, (basically a newtype system, but in the After Colony Century) but decides he doesn't like it. Finally, enter Heero Yuy, who does not let the Zero System control him, but utilizes it to his advantage.

The weapons consist of a Twin Buster Rifle, and if you've seen the series, you'll know that it seperates into 2 pieces and that it is powerful enough to take out an entire battleship. The standard issue beam saber is here, and the shoulder vulcans are much more powerful than the head vulcans.

Gundam Mech: Gundam Sandrock Custom

Gundam Sandrock is piloted by our good (and about only) arab friend, Quatre Raberbe Winner. As it has only been piloted by him, he and Sandrock have developed a bond between each other, and when things get tough, Sandrock gets going.

Its heated shotels are about the only weapons it has, aside from those weak little vulcans. It is equipped with a Zero System, but after Quatre matures a little, so that the machine doesn't take over again.

Gundam Mech: Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom

Directly from L2 (the American cluster of colonies) is Duo Maxwell, and his Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom. Duo's job is easy, slash and destroy OZ for good, and Deathscythe is his perfect partner. Like Quatre, Duo can't be found anywhere attacking a base without his trusty companion tagging along.

So here's the weapons. The Thermo-Nuclear Beam Sickle is his weapon of choice (Thermo-Nuclear weapons glow in green, regular sabers in pink). And still, the vulcans, but the bat-wings really bring out the hellish touch.

Gundam Mech: Gundam Heavyarms Custom

Trowa Barton's MS, Gundam Heavyarms Custom is a magnificent machine. Trowa is the same case as Duo and Quatre, where he doesn't feel good about destroying masses of Romefeller's suits without his partner, Heavyarms.

Heavyarms is aptly named for its 2 twin Gatling guns on its arms. Also, its missile pods on its legs, arms, and shoulders.

Gundam Mech: Altron Gundam

Wufei's friend is none other than the suit deemed Nataku, aka Altron Gundam. As Nataku is his friend, he can't even think about a battle without thinking about Nataku first.

The double Dragonarm claws on its arms are not permanent; they can be taken off if need be. Wufei's style is also hand to hand combat, so the Double-edged Thermo-nuclear beam trident adds nicely to his arsenal.

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