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Anime Profile: Hamtaro: Princess of Vision

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hamtaro: Princess of Vision (The Second Movie)Tottoko Hamutaro Movie: Ham-hams!
Princess of Vision (劇場版とっとこハム太郎「ハムハムハムージャ!幻のプリンセス」) (Tottoko Hamutaro Movie: Hamu-hamu-hamuu ja! Maboroshi no Purinsesu)
Hamtaro: Princess of Vision
1 movie1 movie
Action, Adventure, FantasyAction, Adventure, Fantasy
HamtaroTottoko Hamutaro
· · ·
Hamtaro: Adventures in Ham-Ham LandHamutaro no Fushigi no Oni no Ehon Tou
· · ·
Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Grand PrixTottoko Hamutaro: Movie 3
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Characters: Hamtaro: Princess of Vision

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bijou Ribbon Mika Mika
Boss Taisho Oxnard Koushi
Cappy Kaburu Panda Panda
Dexter Megane Pashmina Muhuru
Hamtaro Hamutaro Penelope Chibimaru
Howdy Maido Sandy Torahamu-chan
Jingle Tongari Saro-shina Saro-shina
Maxwell Noppo Stan Torahamu-kun

Description: Hamtaro: Princess of Vision

Hamtaro starts to have a dream about a desert, foreign land in the year 8686 of hamster calendars. In the dream a princess hamster named Saro-shina gives him a message.

Suddenly all of the ham-hams are teleported to the foregin land in Hamtaro's dream. They have to reascue the Princess from an evil cat and his ram (male sheep), and protect this land.

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