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ÉclairÉclairÉclair (Kiddy Grade)
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Appears about 16 years old (born June 5)Appears about 16 years old (born June 5)
5'4"162 cm
GOTT ES Member (C Class)GOTT ES Member (C Class)
"Ta-Daaa!" (play clip)"Ta-Daaa!" (play clip)
Colleen ClinkenbeardRyoko Nagata
Episode 1: "Depth/Space"Episode 1: "Depth/Space"
Kiddy GradeKiddy Grade

Character Description: Éclair

One of the GOTT's most flamboyant ES agents, Eclair has a flair for making an entrance, always stunning enemies by appearing before them with a loud "Ta-daa!" and sometimes wearing an unusual costume. Though it can annoy her partner, Lumiere, when she does this, it does make a statement--and can even fluster the poor bad guy.

In terms of armament, Eclair is known to handle two different kinds of weapons. First, she is skilled in classic firearms. Even in an age of energy weapons, she prefers to use either 9mm or .45-caliber slug-throwing handguns (she apparently has a customized .45 in the GOTT arsenal which she can request). More sophisticated is her nanomist lipstick. By drawing a long line on a surface (sometimes, she does this in style by signing her name), she can pull the lipstick off the surface and turn it into a versatile whip.

But by far Eclair's most noteworthy ability is, well, her "ability", a special nanotech power incorporated into her and any other ES member. Eclair's ability is code-named "Power". Put simply, Eclair has a tremendous energy reserve, which she can use to enhance her strength and speed to a level normally only seen in battlecyborgs. Ordinarily, this ability is keyed to her lips--they won't activate until she puts on lipstick (it's one reason she normally doesn't wear lipstick--once active, it's hard for Eclair to contain herself). Her enhanced physical capabilities make her a match for even the most sophisticated battlecyborgs. It also gives her a natural ability to rapidly heal from most wounds. Serious and particularly "fatal" wounds may require assistance.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, for Eclair also has one tremendously long story.

The truth is, she, Lumiere, and Eclipse have known each other for a very long time (the only clue we have as to this duration comes from a single word from Armblast: "centuries"). She is probably one of the first ES agents recruited by Eclipse, along with Lumiere, and thus the first to be augmented by nanotechnology, which in the process brought her aging process to a virtual halt. Throughout this time, she has engaged in all sorts of activities: not all of them morally correct. She has been involved in at least the following incidents revealed through flashbacks.

Éclair (Kiddy Grade)

  • She, along with Lumiere and Eclipse, infiltrated a sophisticated facility.
  • She prevailed in a desert chase against several attack craft.
  • She was once a military instructor.
  • She was there during the First Limited War, when a Geo Sort bomb denuded the planet Hydra.
  • She was part of a peacekeeping force in a space colony.
  • She apparently had been in a building when it collapsed on her.
  • There is even a hint that she may have been a nanny or the like at one time.

In truth, she has been taken to the brink of death many times, only to come back--either by means of her own Power or with a little assistance. Her appearance has changed many times over the years (it even changes twice during the series). She has also seen many people come and go--she is as close as technology can come to being "immortal"--other ES members may possess prolonged lifespans like she due to their own nanotechnology, but Eclair's enhanced healing ability is hers alone, thus she is sometimes known as "The ES agent who cannot die". Eventually, however, the strain of all the pain and suffering, in particular all the moral nightmares, got to be too much for her. She just wanted to forget. And so, that's exactly what happened. She locked away the memories of her past and started fresh. Lumiere was there to help re-acclimate her to life, and she eventually rejoined the GOTT as a basic ES member. You may have noticed that her apartment (a rather spartan accommodation) is a little damaged--she did it when she was relearning her "Power". The pictures on her wall also came about because of her re-acclimation--she was building new memories.

But events around her conspire to reawaken her memories--not the least of which are the memories themselves. And eventually, Eclair is forced to concede that she cannot run away from her past. This epiphany not only reopens the old mental wounds, but it also reawakens the true extent of her "Power"--one of only three G-class abilities held by individuals. Not only can she endure much more once awakened to her G-class power, but she can also create nanomist weapons and energy bombs. But now, the moral dilemmas return, and Eclair must come to terms with the past she has wrought in order to help shape the future before her.

All ES Agents (and Eclipse) are technically Cyborgs (they have nanites in them). Their age is also impossible to determine because their ages have been halted by the nanites in them, so any ages listed are only apparent ages, not actual ages.

Note: This 'true' history is never directly told in the series. It's just derived from flashbacks and the nightmares of Eclair and Lumiere which are shown and small insinuations by other personages in the series which seem to have known Eclair for a long time now.

Character Description: Éclair

A C-Class Member of G.O.T.T.'s ES Members, the beautiful Eclair is one of the most powerful cyborgs in the galaxy. She has the ability simply known as "Power" which gives her Super Strength in order to deal with any enemy. Her physical powers surpasses even that of a battle cyborg. Eclair also uses lipstick in order to bring out her special abilities AND can be used as a deadly whip as well.

Eclair doesn't like sneaking around or lying, and she is very exuberant. Even during special missions, she will make an appearance with a loud "ta-dah!" She prefers a lot of style and flair in her work and likes the element of surprise when making an arrest. She also likes to cosplay during a lot of her missions. While Eclair is the brash one, she is also an innocent and caring person. Her partner is Lumiere.

Eclair is an outgoing and honest girl who takes action without any pretense about her feelings.

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