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BonkersBonkers (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Brown furBrown fur
Black (Normal), Red (Monster)Black (Normal), Red (Monster)
4'0"122 cm
A former circus gorilla and soon-to-be Star WarriorA former circus gorilla and soon-to-be Star Warrior
"Me want to train with Kirby."
Dan GreenNobuo Tobita
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Bonkers

Bonkers lived in a jungle until a circus crew captured and trained him for the circus. While Bonkers was held hostage, the ringmaster decided to watch his favorite show, which was the Kirby show. This is how Bonkers got inspired to meet Kirby in person, so, without letting the circus find out, he quietly escaped and wandered off to Dreamland in search of his favorite hero.

When he finally got to Dreamland, the Cappies at first thought he came to battle Kirby, but soon everyone learned that Bonkers really wanted to train with Kirby. Knowing this, King Dedede had plans for Bonkers, so first he asked Bonkers to impress Kirby with his hammer skills, and tried to smash Kirby with a boulder, but Bonkers smashed the boulder with his hammer to make sure his favorite superhero wasn't hurt at all, so Dedede took him all the way to the castle, and got Nightmare Enterprises to turn Bonkers into a monster!

Afterwards, Bonkers ripped Tiff from her family's living room and Kirby made his first try to inhale the hammer, but since Bonkers had an excellent grip on the hammer, Kirby just couldn't inhale it. Dedede angrily ordered Bonkers to drop Tiff and get Kirby, but Bonkers wouldn't obey. Tiff called the Warpstar, and once Kirby got on it, he skillfully dodged every one of Bonkers' reaching arms.

Evil Bonkers Finally, Tiff told Kirby to inhale the hammer again, and this time, Kirby was successful, after Tiff bit Bonkers' hand. Kirby became Hammer Kirby and started to pound on Bonkers. Before Kirby delivered the final blow, Bonkers did a flashback on how he escaped from the circus and began his search for Kirby, and shedded tears afterward. After Kirby dealt the final blow, Bonkers was back to normal, and Meta Knight explained that Bonkers wasn't all that bad.

Later that day, Bonkers and everybody else but King Dedede and Escargoon since they were flattened by Bonkers' fall after receiving the final blow as a monster held out their photographs of Bonkers and Kirby together just before Bonkers left Cappy Town.

Character Description: Bonkers

Bonkers is probably named that because he's always whacking people with his mallet.

Bonkers lived a peaceful life in a jungle but was captured by a circus and was forced to do all kinds of stupid stunts. Bonkers was locked inside a cage and he overheard his master talking about Kirby's TV show and it started to show.

Bonkers looked at Kirby on the TV and saw all the amazing things Kirby does and decided to abandon the circus and left to go find Kirby, armed with a huge mallet like Dedede's.

When he finally arrived in Dreamland, he first met with Mayor Blustergas and frightened him and asked him if he knew who Kirby is and where he is. The Mayor didn't want any trouble so he said he didn't know Kirby. Bonkers left to go find others and see if they knew who Kirby is or where he is. He accidentally hit them with his mallet but he doesn't mean any harm. He's really peaceful and wants to be a Star Warrior. He found Kirby and made Kirby his master and made himself Kirby's pupil.

But Kirby is too immature to teach Bonkers and Dedede decided to have a talk with the gorilla. He actually turned Bonkers into a monster and attacked Kirby.

But Hammer Kirby showed up a second time and knocked the bad out of Bonkers and changed him back to normal.

Bonkers recovered his memory and he left Cappytown to find a teacher that'll teach him to be a Star Warrior like Kirby.

He and Kirby have become real good friends.

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