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Character Profile: Chilly

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chilly Chilly Chilly (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Snowman Snowman
Male Male
None None
Gray Gray
Snowman made from Ice Dragon's snow Snowman made from Ice Dragon's snow
"Chilly!" "Tirii!"
Yuko Mizutani Yuko Mizutani
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Chilly

Chilly is a snowman who likes nothing better than playing rough around his friends, but none of his friends mind.

Chilly was created by the Ice Dragon to destroy Kirby. However, Kirby had a heart so good for him that the snowman did not want to think about even hurting his friend, which made him end up being a good guy. When Kirby was fighting against the Ice Dragon, Chilly helped Kirby by swiping Dedede's snowmobile and giving his friend a lift up to the dragon's mouth so he could finally freeze it and defeat it!

Unfortunately, after the Ice Dragon disappeared, the snow started melting away quicker than you could say "Plot Device". Chilly, being snow, started to melt, too. Kirby took Chilly to an iceberg that was floating away and placed him there, and waved goodbye to his frosty friend before being taken back to Dreamland's shores by Tiff and Tuff. According to Tiff, Dreamland was just too warm for poor Chilly to live there, and the last time we ever saw him was also the only thing left of him; his hat and bell sinking to the bottom of the ocean. As Tiff said to the three's frosty friend, "Goodbye Chilly!", Kirby did a sad version of his hop up and chirp because of his friend Chilly's death.

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