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Character Profile: Ice Dragon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon Ice Dragon (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
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  Aisu Doragaan(romanization)
N.M.E. monster N.M.E. monster
Male Male
None None
Black Black
Changed sizes twice  
3000 lbs 1360.8 kg
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Ice Dragon

One day, King Dedede was in the hot sun (and I do mean HOT!)and was getting tired of the hot weather, so he ordered a monster from N.M.E.They sent him a little bitty monster called an Ice Dragon.The Ice Dragon used it's ice ability to create winter wonderland and a new friend for Kirby named Chilly.Unknown to Kirby, Chilly was acually evil and even tryed to kill him in his sleep.Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff try to find out what was going on and found the Ice Dragon which was now atleast 35 feet tall.With a little help from Meta Knight, he became Ice Kirby and gave that Ice Dragon a taste of it's own medicine and summer was back once again.

Character Description: Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon is a large blue dinosaur who blows ice to attack his enemies, and can also spit crystal snowflakes at his enemies. He was a baby when he was downloaded by Dedede, then he ran away and brought winter to Dreamland, and made the monster Chilly to destroy Kirby. But Chilly ended up being a good guy and led Kirby and the kids to find the Ice Dragon.

After Kirby became Ice Kirby, Meta Knight pointed out that the only way to freeze the monster was from the inside. So Chilly helped Kirby out by swiping Dedede's snowmobile and giving Kirby enough height to reach the Ice Dragon's mouth, and Kirby was finally able to freeze it! Afterwards, the Ice Dragon simutaneously exploded and Summer was back once again.

The Ice Dragon appeared in Episode 20, "Goodbye, Snowman Chilly", in Japan, which eventually became Episode 18, "Dedede's Snow Job", when it was aired in the US.

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