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Character Profile: Demon Frog

USA Info
Japanese Info
Demon Frog Devil Frog Demon Frog (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Monster Monster
None None
None None
Orange Orange
Nightmare Enterprises Monster Nightmare Enterprises Monster
"Ribbit!" "Gero!"
  Yuko Mizutani
Episode 97 Episode 95
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Demon Frog

A Demon Frog is a small frog-like monster with purple marks on its body, orange eyes, and purple bat-like wings. It has the power to posess people and cause chaos and mayhem from within their bodies. When they are posessed, they gain glowing red eyes with a lack of pupils as well as the frog's bat-like wings. However, it has a natural enemy: Heavy Anaconda.

A Demon Frog was sent to King Dedede by Nightmare Enterprises, whom Dedede didn't consider a monster. But it attacked Escargoon, and ran away. Later it was found by Kirby on a pond near his house and posessed him. The frog began the trouble-causing from within Kirby, causing him to terrorize the Cappies, break and steal everything he could, and cause other forms of trouble.

When Kirby took the attack to Dedede's castle, he started beating up on the Waddle Dees, then laid the smackdown on Dedede until Tiff told him to leave him alone twice. Kirby stopped and was unposessed both times, and the first time, he was posessed again and kept up the smackdown, but the second time when he stopped and was unposessed again, Dedede took this opportunity to take the frog off of the top of Kirby's head with some tape, and place it on the back of his head, causing him to grow huge and show growing muscles as well as fangs in his mouth. Using the frog's abilities to his advantage, he repaid Kirby by laying the smackdown on him and was about to finish him off with his hammer, when Heavy Anaconda, who had been downloaded to the castle, showed up in front of him, causing the Demon Frog to disappear from within Dedede.

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