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Dr. MoreauDr. MoreauDr. Moreau (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Unknown (always hidden behind those shades)Unknown (always hidden behind those shades)
Mad Scientist from Nightmare EnterprisesMad Scientist from Holy Nightmare Corporation
"It would be foolish to destroy my laboratory."
Darren DunstanHiroshi Naka
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Dr. Moreau

Dr. Moreau is a mad scientist sent by Nightmare Enterprises to help King Dedede build Dino Kingdom in order to fuel his new dinosaur obsession. To do so, he had Tiff become his lab assistant and help him use clone dino DNA to bring the dinosaurs back to life. That night, Tiff and the gang discovered that the dinosaurs and Dr. Moreau were gone!

Soon, the Cappies, while taking a tour of Dino Kingdom, were chased all over it by dinosaurs made from their own DNA. Not long before that, after escaping D-Rex, they were attacked by mechanical mosquitoes that took their DNA samples. Yep, you guessed it: This is definitely the work of Dr. Moreau himself!

And then, Dr. Moreau lured Kirby to his laboratory where he took some of his DNA samples in order to prepare his real plan; he wanted to use Kirby's superior Star Warrior DNA to create the ultimate dinosaur: Kirbysaurus!

And the plan was a success! Afterwards, Dr. Moreau became very freaky-looking and ordered his dinosaur monsters, including Kirbysaurus, to attack. But this ultimate battle was over in less than a minute, as Kirby inhaled a bomb Dedede was going to toss into Kirbysaurus' mouth and became Crash Kirby, and then stripped every of the dinosaur monsters of their own skin, including Kirbysaurus, who was the only dinosaur monster not to leave any bones.

Dr. Moreau also disappeared as well when Crash Kirby's attack hit him at the same time it hit all of his dinosaurs, but where did he disappear to after that? No one knows for sure, but I think that maybe Dr. Moreau will return for more.

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