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Anime Profile: Mouse

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mouse Mouse(マウス) Mouse
12 episodes(15 minutes in length) 12 episodes(15 minutes in length)
June 15, 2004 Jan 5, 2003–Mar 26, 2003
AnimeWorks Studio DEEN, Broccoli, Hakusensha, Media Factory, Mouse Production Committee
  Hiroshi Sato, Satoru Akahori
  Yorifusa Yamaguchi
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi
Kakio Hazuki Kakio Hazuki
· · ·
Mei Momozono Mei Momozono
· · ·
Sorata "Mouse" Muon Sorata "Mouse" Muon
· · ·
Yayoi Kuribayashi Yayoi Kuribayashi
· · ·
Detective Fujiharu Detective Fujiharu
· · ·
Fon Fon
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Mouse

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kakio Hazuki Kakio Hazuki Machiko Tsukioka Machiko Tsukioka
Mei Momozono Mei Momozono Masatoshi Minami Masatoshi Minami
Sorata "Mouse" Muon Sorata "Mouse" Muon Rin Nyan Rin Nyan
Yayoi Kuribayashi Yayoi Kuribayashi Rubberneck Rubberneck
Detective Fujiharu Detective Fujiharu Samantha Morijima Samantha Morijima
Fon Fon Shi Shi
Fuyuharu Momozono Fuyuharu Momozono Uta Yukino Uta Yukino
Heitarou Onizuka Heitarou Onizuka Woof --?--

Anime Description: Mouse

Sorata Muon appears to be your average art teacher, young, handsome, and looked up to by his pretty students. But in reality, he's carrying on a 400 year tradition as Mouse, one of the most audacious – and successful – thieves in the world. Assisted by three bountiful and willing beauties who can't get enough of him (much as he'd like for them to do), Mouse confounds the best that police and governments can throw at him, proving one fact that he rubs in their faces... there is NOTHING Mouse cannot steal!

Anime Description: Mouse

Sorata Muon seems like your regular mild-mannered teacher, but he has a secret identity, the master thief known as Mouse. Descended by a long line of thieves known for being the best in thievery, Mouse even goes the extra mile by stealing entire properties in order to pull off a heist!

Always staying one step ahead of the authorities, no type of treasure or valuable is safe from Mouse's sticky fingers. However, he doesn't go at it alone. Mouse is assisted by three very attractive young women, who are all clamoring for Mouse's affections. However, Mouse gets a lot more on his mind when he becomes a target for enemies himself.....

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