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Ruri HoshinoRuri Hoshino (ルリ 星野)Ruri Hoshino (Martian Successor Nadesico)
12 years old (series); 16 years old(movie)12 years old (series); 16 years old(movie)
4'0"About 122 cm
Computer operator, princess of PeacelandComputer operator, princess of Peaceland
"They're all idiots." (play clip)"Honto, Baka Baka." (play clip)
Kira Vincent-Davis (aka Kira Solar)Minami Omi
Martian Successor NadesicoKidou Senkan Nadesico

Character Description: Ruri Hoshino

The youngest member of the Nadesico's crew, Ruri's past is muddled in mysteries and further shrouded by her "flat" personality. For the most part, she's the most devoted member of the crew in terms of the ship's operation, which stands to reason. She was conditioned that way.

Apparently, she had been trained to become the main interface for the Nadesico since she was an infant, before the ship was even built. Her memories are flooded with her lessons and her training. She carries nanomachines that allow her to mentally interface with Omoikane, the ship's computer. It's probably her best friend against everyone else on board, who she frequently denounces as idiots. "Idiot" ("Baka" in Japanese, which can also mean "fool"), happens to be her favorite word.

It's very rare for Ruri to come out of that flat, emotionless shell of hers, but those few times she does, it's always surprising. She's also on a personal quest to learn the truth about her past, though she may not like what she discovers.

After the Jovian war, Ruri was offered a place to stay with Akito and Yurika, but it never happened because they were supposedly killed in a shuttle crash. She joined the UEF (United Earths Forces) and became Lieutenant Commander on board the Nadesico B. During the Martian Successor Uprising, she finds out that Akito and Yurika are still alive. Ruri agrees with Nergal to relocate the original crew of the Nadesico and command the new Nadesico C.

Character Description: Ruri Hoshino

Ruri Hoshino was born in a test tube, raised in a brain farm, and then brought to Nergal Laboratory, where she was trained at a young age. Ruri was chosen to be the computer operator of the Nadesico. She is also the princess of Peaceland on Earth.

Ruri Hoshino (age 14, from the movie)

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