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Don WeiDon WeiDon Wei (Oban Star Racers)
Black with white streaksBlack with white streaks
Manager for the Earth Team, Eva's fatherManager for the Earth Team, Eva's father
Oban Star RacersMolly Star Racer

Character Description: Don Wei

Don Wei's first champion was his wife, Maya, the legendary pilot. They had a young daughter named Eva. But in a race against Spirit, Maya's ship had a malfunction, and she died. Don sank deep into his grief, abandoning Eva at a boarding school and taking to traveling the world.

At a rundown gas station in the middle of the desert, he runs into Rick, a potential racer. He quickly signs him, and Rick becomes a champion. But three years ago, for some unknown reason, he fired Rick and moved on the next pilot.

The morning of the Grand Prix, his racer's thrusters aren't working correctly and his head mechanic isn't there. But a strange girl removes the upgrade, and it begins to work fine. He hires her instantly, and asks her name. After some impatient moments, she finally answers back as Molly. Later, when she tries to follow him to the preliminary races, he sends her away, only to have her follow him.

Molly and Don don't always get along, and Don blames it on him taking his relationship with his daughter. He doesn't understand her anger, or her sometimes desperate need to prove herself. He also doesn't approve of female pilots after his wife's death. At first, he tends to favor Jordan, but that is slowly changing.

During the races on Oban, Don begins to notice things in Molly's flying style that remind him of Maya. He doesn't want to believe she's Eva, so he calls the Stern Boarding School, only to be surprised when the headmistress tells him she ran away on her birthday. He confronts Molly after the fourth race, but doesn't believe her weak lies. Before and after his confrontation, he begins to be kinder to Molly, showing a side thought dead with his wife.

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