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Character Profile: Takashi Morinozuka

USA Info
Japanese Info
Takashi MorinozukaTakashi MorinozukaTakashi Morinozuka (Ouran High School Host Club)
18 years old (born May 5)18 years old (born May 5)
6'2" (source: manga, volume 1)188 cm (source: manga, volume 1)
Type OType O
Wealthy lineageWealthy lineage
Travis WillinghamDaisuke Kirii
Episode 1Episode 1
Ouran High School Host ClubOuran High School Host Club

Character Description: Takashi Morinozuka

He's a senior attending Ouran High with Hunny-senpai a senior who's also his cousin. Both of them are in the same class. The only reason why Takashi joined the Host Club is because Hunny-senpai did. He is a tall, tanned, dark, handsome, quiet guy. He's the perfect guy for girls looking for guys who have the same traits as Mori-senpai has. He IS quite popular with the ladies who goes to their Host Club. Like Kyoya said "His taciturnity is his selling point". But for some odd reason, he is labeled the "Wild" type host. He takes orders quite seriously and literally. You can picture him as a Siberian husky, strong yet a kind personality. So far the only one who calls him by his first name is Hunny-senpai, and Mori-senpai calls Hunny-senpai by his first name too. For generations, the Morinozuka Family served the Haninozuka Family, until a marriage between them blended the two families two generations ago. Still, Mori-senpai followed this tradition, serving Hunny-senpai.

In the first episode, you see Mori-senpai carried Haruhi away from Tamaki like a sack of potatoes, when Haruhi calls him out for help (at the moment he carries her, he found out that Haruhi is actually a girl). And also, in episode 2, he and Hunny-senpai kidnapped her while she was dancing with Kasugasaki Kanako (at that time Kanako doesn't know Haruhi is really a girl and at the end Kanako and Haruhi kissed).

Later we find out in episode 7 that he is also a member in the Kendo Club and one heck of a national champion! Also, in the same episode, you see a little moment when Mori-senpai calls Haruhi for the first time by her first name, and Haruhi was actually happy about it.

In episode 12, when Hunny-senpai got his cavities, we got to see him talk more after Hunny-senpai threw him across the music room because he wouldn't give him sweets. He can be very negative and very pessimistic if Hunny-senpai is mad at him or Hunny-senpai is hurt.

In the manga, we see Takashi isn't an only child, he has a younger brother. His name is Satoshi Morinozuka and he's the captain of the Kendo Club. Unlike his brother, Satoshi is more outgoing than Mori-senpai, but Satoshi looks up to him and adores him. Hatori Bisco, the creator of Ouran High School Host Club said that there could be a slight little chance that Mori-senpai and Haruhi could be a couple!

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