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Japanese Info
Puni Puni PoemyPuni Puni Poemi (ぷにぷに γ½γˆγΏγƒ)Puni Puni Poemy
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
A.D. Vision/Industrial Smoke & MirrorsJ.C. Staff/Victor Ent.
Shinichi Watanabe
Crazy Comedy, Magical GirlCrazy Comedy, Magical Girl
Excel SagaQuack Experimental Anime Excel Saga
Futaba AasuFutaba Aasu
· · ·
Hitomi AasuHitomi Aasu
· · ·
· · ·
Nanase AasuNanase Aasu
· · ·
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Characters: Puni Puni Poemy

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Futaba Aasu Futaba Aasu Itsue Aasu βŠ• Itsue Aasu βŠ•
Hitomi Aasu Hitomi Aasu Kumi-Kumi Watanabe βŠ• Kumi-Kumi Watanabe βŠ•
Nabeshin Nabeshin Mitsuki Aasu βŠ• Mitsuki Aasu βŠ•
Nanase Aasu Nanase Aasu Mutsumi Aasu βŠ• Mutsumi Aasu βŠ•
Poemy Watanabe Poemi Watanabe Shii Aasu βŠ• Shii Aasu βŠ•

Description: Puni Puni Poemy

Hit the deck! Those wisecracks who decided to turn anime upside-down for their own perverse pleasure with Excel Saga are at it again! This time, they're taking you on the most twisted Magical Girl adventure no one should ever have imagined!

The main character is 10-year-old Poemi Watanabe (doesn't she look like Excel Kobayashi to you?), who dreams of being a voice actress. Of course, she has a bad voice and bad grades to boot. But when an alien decides to wreak havoc on Tokyo (taking out her parents in the process), she finds a talking fish...who she skins into a magic wand transforming her into Puni Puni Poemy. Lost yet? Don't worry. You've got plenty of time for that.

By the way, don't be surprised if characters look familiar (especially our protagonist). Any resemblance to characters you may have seen in Excel Saga are strictly intentional.

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