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Character Profile: Semmerling

USA Info
Japanese Info
Semmerling Semmerling Semmerling (Riding Bean)
Human Human
Female Female
Mid 20's to early 30's Mid 20's to early 30's
Red Red
Blue Blue
Kidnapper, partner of Hick Kidnapper, partner of Hick
Barbara Lewis Mami Koyama
Riding Bean Riding Bean

Character Description: Semmerling

Semmerling is the partner of Hick, who had kidnapped Chelsea Grimwood and held her ransom. Looking for a patsy to take the fall for the crime, she (along with Carrie) scouted out Bean Bandit by disguising themselves as bank robbers and contracting the courier as a getaway driver. Thus satisfied, Semmerling then had herself disguised as a man and delivered Chelsea, who was drugged, to Bean's apartment, where she had Bean and Rally Vincent take her back to her home. Afterward, a hit was staged on the apartment, with Semmerling seeming to 'die' as a result of bullet wounds. In truth, none of the bullets fired at the apartment hit her; the 'wounds' being squibs and dye-packs. From then on, Bean and Rally find themselves framed for the kidnapping, and as a result have to fight in order to not only clear their names – but get to the real kidnappers as well!

As a driver, Semmerling is about as talented as Bean, and is a good shot. She is also a lesbian, as her affection towards Carrie shows itself.

A word of note – the creator of Riding Bean, Kenichi Sonoda, used the character Semmerling as a template for the lesbian crimelord Goldie Muso in the manga version of 'Gunsmith Cats' – where Goldie proved herself to be Rally Vincent's ultimate enemy, the crimelord seeking to make the bounty hunter her personal – and sexual slave!

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