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Vanessa LeedsVanessa LeedsVanessa Leeds (Robotech)
23 years old (born 1986)23 years old (born 1986)
5'6"167 cm
108 lbs49 kg
Type BType B
Naviagtion officer, radar controlNaviagtion officer, radar control
Sandra Snow
Robotech (Macross Saga)Choujiku Yousai Macross

Character Description: Vanessa Leeds

Vanessa is one of the Bridge Bunnies, a trio of fun-loving girls, who provide some stress relief on the Bridge. Vanessa is the oldest, and is by far the most serious of the group (and even that isn't very serious). She works from the threatboard identifying all incoming enemies that the radar picks up. Vanessa and her friends are very optomistic, always certain that an attack will turn out in their favor. Despite their youth, they are all very comptent officers and do their jobs well.

The other things the Bridge Bunnies get up to during their off-duty hours include meeting the three Zentreadi spies. Vanessa immediately hits it off with Bron, and is with him any time the two groups are seen together. The Bridge Bunnies are also gossips, though Vanessa isn't quite as bad as her friends (probably because she doesn't sit that close to them, and can really only talk to them during coffe breaks).

Vanessa Leeds (Robotech) After the last battle with the Imperial Fleet, Lisa is promoted and the Bridge Bunnies are moved to different stations accordingly. Vanessa works closely with Lisa, and because of that often finds out news about her relationship with Rick Hunter. She passes this news onto her friends, all of them rooting for Lisa, and hoping that things will turn out for her. Despite their gossiping, they are never mean about the people they're talking about.

It is Vanessa who, after Rick upsets Lisa, tells him point-blank the truth, Lisa is in love with him. This comment has Rick thinking all night, until eventually he decides to talk with Lisa. The Bridge Bunnies don't seem to have much faith in Rick, as they don't seem surprised when Lisa calls to ask where Rick is since he hasn't turned up for their date yet.

Vanessa and her friends spend a happy Christmas with Rico, Konda, and Bron despite Khyron's attack which doesn't but much of a damper of on their mood. Vanessa, along with everyone else, is quite unprepared for Khyron's surprise attack, but goes in determined to get the job done. Petty Officer Leeds is presumed killed during Khyron's suicidal attack on the SDF-01.

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