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Character Profile: Sage

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sage Seiji Date Sage (Ronin Warriors)
Sage of the Halo Korin no Seiji
Human Human
Male Male
16 years(born June 9, 1973) 16 years(born June 9, 1973)
Blond Blond
Crystal blue Crystal blue
5'7" 170 cm
127 lbs 57.6 kg
Type B Type B
Ronin Warrior Samurai Trooper
"Thunder Bolt Cut" "Rai Ko Zan"("Thunder Lighting Thrust")
Michael Donovan Daiki Nakamura
Ronin Warriors Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Character Description: Sage

The flirt of five Samurai Troopers, Seiji's element is spirit/life. His virtue, REI (wisdom, or grace according to the Bandai translation) is connected to his armor, Korin (Halo). His main opponent is Darkness Demon General Anubis (Cale) and they often face each other in the majority of the battles as the series progress. Seiji's father runs a small martial arts dojo; his mother is American.

His interests revolve around swords, mediation, and and driving really fast cars. He loves to race, even though he's still underage (the legal driving age in Japan is 18). He won a race at sixteen and got in trouble for it.

For the record, his dub counterpart, Sage, has listed as interest on one of the toy packages that he likes to chat up girls, but this is never reflected in the television series nor in any of the OAVs that have been translated into English. Seiji is actually afraid of girls in the Japanese version because they tend to come on to him quite forcefully; in one of the drama tapes, all five boys dare each other to try to chat up a girl. Seiji says hello and from there on, the unnamed girl asks him whether he's got a girlfriend - his response being that he's not old enough to date - and she goes on to ask him to marry her!

Character Description: Sage

Sage of the Halo, in his green and white armor, is the second in command of the Ronin Warriors. He is the wisest of the group and is the first to try and create a plan before any battle. Quick to look before he leaps, Sage is a great challenge to any and everything which gets in his way. He is also very short-tempered. He's Rowen's best friend.

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