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Kenji HimuraKenji HimuraKenji Himura (Samurai X)
15 years old15 years old
Student of Seijurrio HikoStudent of Seijurrio Hiko
"Oh, nothing."
Joey HoodYuki Kaida
Samurai XRurouni Kenshin: Seisouhen

Character Description: Kenji Himura

Kenji is Kenshin and Kaoru's only son. He went and trained under Hiko to learn the way of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. After awhile, Kenji thought is was perfectly okay to kill people. However, Yahiko taught him a thing or two.

Yahiko gave him Kenshin's reverse blade sword. Kenji learned a lesson that day to protect people with all of his heart. At the end of Samurai X, he gets together with a girl that looks like Kaoru. It is only assumed he marries her because Kenshin and Kaoru die before it happens from "an incurable disease".

Kenji never actually knew his father, aside from only seeing him train in the dojo with Yahiko (while he was just a child) and sometimes just around the house. Kenji has never had an actual conversation with him. Kenji sees Kenshin as an 'irresponsible' father, leaving Kaoru alone to raise him. At least, that's what he saw through his own eyes. Kenji knows of his dad's 'legend' and hopes to be a legend himself, he strives to become an even bigger legend then what Kenshin was. Kenji is an overall confident guy, he works hard to accomplish what he believes is right.

Editor’s Note:

As for the the disease that Kenshin and Kaoru contracted in the OVA Samurai X: Reflexion and eventually die from, some fans claim it is old age, some claim it is lepracy, some syphilis, and some claim it is some kind of blood disease that Kenshin contracted when he was the Battousai and killed a lot of people. It's thought that the blood of his enemies probably got into one of his wounds, and that they didn't discover the disease until Kenji was little. And then others have claimed that the it was just some mysterious disease Kenshin got from helping sick people. On reflection, Kenshin and Kaoru did have weird rashes all over their body.

Then some others believe that although Kaoru contracted an unknown illness, it was not the same one that Kenshin did. This theory goes that that Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū style was the cause of Kenshin's death. In volume 28 page 84, Kenshin says that his body style is actually too small to learn Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu. In Seijuro Hiko's case this sword style makes him stronger, but Kenshin is physically too small, so it destroys him. Personally, I think this is reaching a bit, but it is yet another theory, and this whole issue does seem to be open to interpretation.

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