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Otaru MamiyaOtaru MamiyaOtaru Mamiya (Saber Marionette J)
Master (by the marionettes)Chikuzen
About 18 years oldAbout 18 years old
Brown, Blonde in the frontBrown, Blonde in the front
5'5"165 cm
121.3 lbs55 kg
"She boiled Jumbo for Gumbo!"
Don Brown (J), Mona Marshall (J Again), Jonathan Love (J to X)Yuka Imai
Saber Marionette JSaber Marionette J
· · ·
Saber Marionette J Again Saber Marionette J Again
· · ·
Saber Marionette J to X Saber Marionette J to X

Character Description: Otaru Mamiya

Otaru Mamiya lives in the country of Japoness, on the all-male planet of Terra II, in which females have been replaced by "Marionettes," soulless androids built in the shape of women. One fateful day, he awakens a mysterious Marionette named "Lime." But something is strange, this Lime seems just like a human! He later awakens two other Marionettes with souls named Cherry and Bloodberry.

Character Description: Otaru Mamiya

Otaru is a wagon puller in Terran two, the world without women, until he meets up with Tokugauwa (aka the old man). When he is sent through a painting, he meets Lime. Lime is his first marionette and as soon as he finds her she is in a capsule. He wakes her up unintentionally. For a while, they have a meager life together.

Later on Hanagata Mitsurugi invites them to go along with him to the Japoness Castle. When they get there, the entrance was closed so Lime destroys the gate. They reach Tokugawa's room and shortly after they are ambushed by some of Faust's Marionettes: Tiger, Linx, and Panther. Otaru and his groups was almost killed until he cried out help from Cherry and Bloodberry, two more Marionettes explained by Tokugawa. Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry defeat the marionettes from Faust and they go live in Otaru's apartment.

Otaru is pretty laid back, and kind of a funny guy. He is dragged into all sorts of odd situations because of his marionettes. Although he owns Marionettes, he's not necessarily rich. He is always chased around by Hanagata Mitsurugi because of the world is not at all filled with real women. Thankfully, his marionettes end up beating him up and out of Otaru's way.

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