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PantherPantaPanther (Saber Marionette J)
Light Blue (wears an eye patch over one eye)Light Blue (wears an eye patch over one eye)
5'3"160 cm
110.2 lbs50 kg
Saber DollSaber Doll
Saber Marionette JSaber Marionette J

Character Description: Panther

Panther is the second Saber Doll that we see. She is the strongest, and most direct of the Saber Dolls, just like Bloodberry. She will charge blindly into battle, relying on her strength, and weapons.

Panther would be the muscle of the group. If it needs to be broken, destroyed, or killed, she is willing to take care of it.

Panther will end up facing off against Bloodberry, when Bloodberry is awakened. Before then, Lime will do just fine. Panther is the only Saber Doll to actually hurt Otaru, throwing him around like a rag doll, which actually results in the awakening of Cherry.

Just like Luchs, Panther never knew Faust before he was evil. So, she only knows evil Faust, and will do anything for him, without question, or regret, unlike Tiger who regrets that she can't change Faust back to his kind gentle side.

Panther doesn't like to be a team player. She would prefer to not have to worry about someone else in a fight, i.e. Tiger and Luchs.

Panther actually has many weapons, unlike the other Saber Dolls, which only have one, or many of one kind of weapon. Panther can energize her hands, making them able to cut through anything. She also has a pair of electrical stilettos, which can cut through almost anything. Her star shaped eye patch is not just a fashion statement, and it doesn't cover a missing eye. Actually, she can see through the eye patch. The eye patch is actually a weapon. Panther can fire a laser beam from it.

If Panther is around, you can expect carnage, destruction, and mayhem as part of the scenery during her stay.

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