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TigerTigerTiger (Saber Marionette J)
Dark BrownDark Brown
5'5"165 cm
121.3 lbs55 kg
Leader of Faust's Saber DollsLeader of Faust's Saber Dolls
Saber Marionette JSaber Marionette J

Character Description: Tiger

Tiger is one of Faust's Maiden Circuit equipped marionettes. She is the leader of the group known as the Saber Dolls, Tiger, Luchs, Panther.

Tiger is ruthless in battle, and will do anything to win in battle. She will do anything for Faust, because she is in love with him.

Faust created the Saber Dolls to be used to revive Lorelei. Tiger is the leader of the group.

Tiger is equal in speed, and strength with Lime, who she faces off with many times. Tiger also has the same Maiden Circuit trait as Lime as well, Innocence. But Tiger isn't innocent in any way.

Just like all the Saber Dolls, Tiger uses a weapon. Her weapon is a black whip, that can become electrically charged. When it is charged, it can cut through anything, rock, wood, people...yes she uses it on people, and steel.

Tiger will steal, kill, and destroy, if that is what Faust wishes.

But Tiger isn't all evil. She is actually the only one of the Saber Dolls and one of the few people who knew Faust before he became evil. Tiger is actually in love with the kind gentle Faust she once knew, and when Faust needs to clone himself, Tiger is the one who protects the clone. Tiger enjoys spending time with the clones, because they are just like the Faust she knew, and is in love with. Tiger is always shocked when a clone of Faust, who just recently gets all of Faust's memory downloaded into its head, becomes evil. She is sad that no clone has been able to resist the evil.

During the fight to steal Lime's Maiden Circuit, Tiger accidently gets impaled on a spike of debris. Her Maiden Circuit gets badly damaged, and she almost 'dies.' The other Saber Dolls still finish the mission to steal Lime's Maiden Circuit.

After Otaru, Cherry, and Bloodberry recover Lime's Maiden Circuit, Lime takes it upon herself to tend to the badly damaged Tiger.

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