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LuchsLuchsLuchs (Saber Marionette J)
Light Blue (usually hidden behind hair)Light Blue (usually hidden behind hair)
5'3"160 cm
110.2 lbs50 kg
Saber DollSaber Doll
Saber Marionette JSaber Marionette J

Character Description: Luchs

Luchs is another Saber Doll created by Faust. She is the last of the Saber Dolls to be seen.

Luchs is actually a German word that means Lynx. So that makes her, like the other Saber Dolls, named after a cat.

Luchs is just as cunning as Cherry, and has the same advanced sensor system, and battle field scanned that Cherry does. This makes Luchs the intelligence of the Saber Dolls. She can think up cunning, devious, and subtle plans in seconds. This makes her the favorite of evil Faust.

When Luchs and Cherry face off, they just stand there, examining each others stance, looking for a weakness. They are also running through many different plans of attack, trying to find the one that will have the most likely chance to bring victory. Luchs will leave nothing to chance. If there is a chance of failure, she will do everything she has to in order to remove or reduce that chance of failure.

Luchs' weapons are exploding throwing knives. She can hit anything with those knives.

Luchs, just like Tiger, and Panther, loves Faust. She will do anything for Faust, and she will complete the task with ruthless efficiency. You can always tell when Luchs was around, because everything will have been done perfectly, no mistakes, nothing missed. But Luchs, and Panther, never knew Faust before he became evil, unlike Tiger. Because she only knew evil Faust, that is the way her Maiden Circuit developed, cold hearted, evil, and ruthless.

At one point, Otaru, Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry had to outsmart Luchs. Everything was on the line at that moment. If Otaru and the marionettes fail, they will die, and Faust will rule the world.

When the Saber Dolls get arrested, Luchs is the last one to be captured.

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