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FioreFioreFiore (Sailor Moon R: The Movie)
Alien (can take human form)Alien (can take human form)
Green with pink highlights (brown in human form)Green with pink highlights (brown in human form)
Joel FeeneyHikaru Midorikawa
Sailor Moon R: The MovieBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R: The Movie

Character Description: Fiore

When Mamoru was young, Fiore landed on Earth after a long journey in space. Fiore had no idea when or where he came from. He landed adjacent to the hospital where Mamoru was staying, and Mamoru found him barely conscious. Fiore then woke up in the same bed with Mamoru and they became friends immediately. Unfortunately, Earth drained Fiore's life energy quickly, so he left. Mamoru was very upset, and he gave Fiore a rose, a token of their friendship. Fiore vowed he would find pretty flowers for Mamoru and he'd return one day.

Years later, Fiore appeared in front of Mamoru and tried for Mamoru to remember their friendship. When Fiore noticed Mamoru was with Usagi, he was furious. He wanted Mamo all to himself. It took Mamoru a while to remember that Fiore had come back to see him again. Later that night, a flower seed appeared from space, drifted down to Tokyo and bloomed to a full blossom. The next day, Rei sensed something was amiss and found many people on the ground with their energy stolen. Sailor Moon eventually destroyed the flower, and found Fiore walking through the smoke. (Luna and Artemis noticed that Fiore held the Hana Yoma Kisenian flower!)

While Sailor Moon was fighting Fiore, Tuxedo Kamen appeared and tried to stop Fiore, but Fiore wanted to kill Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Kamen threw himself in front of Fiore's long fingernail-like-swords, injuring him, and he passed out. Fiore didn't want him to die, so he kidnapped Mamoru and disappeared with Mamo in his arms. That night, the scouts teleported to a comet that was approaching the Earth that was created by Fiore.

When they arrived, Fiore told them they were going to plant billions of seeds on Earth, that would be carpeted by the Hana Yoma Kisenian flowers.

Tuxedo Kamen eventually freed himself from imprisonment and stopped Fiore from killing Sailor Moon. Fiore was very sad, and instead, decided to hurl the comet into the Earth. Sailor Moon then used the power of the Silver Crystal and showed Fiore how she met Mamoru. It all started with a rose, the rose that Mamoru gave Fiore when he left. Fiore then understood, but Hana Yoma Kisenian tried to get Fiore to take the crystal, but he didn't, which killed Hana Yoma Kisenian.

After Sailor Moon's death, Fiore thanked Mamoru and Sailor Moon. He gave his life to Sailor Moon, then disappeared off into space, and supposedly died.

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