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Para-ParaParra-ParraPara-Para (Sailor Moon)
Sailor PallasSailor Pallas
12 years12 years
Light BlueLight Blue
4'8"142 cm
About 117 lbs.About 53.1 kg
Member of the Amazon QuartetMember of the Amazoness Quartet
"Are we going to leave without saying goodbye?""Palla-Palla is repenting just a little, so please do hurry and get me out!"
Machiko Toyoshima
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S

Character Description: Para-Para

Para-Para is the youngest of the Amazoness Quartet, who used to work for the villain Nehelenia. At the end of the season SuperS they leave with Pegasus, who they were earlier working against.

She's hyper and enjoys using painful methods to punish her dolls. She also uses her dolls as attacks. She, like her sisters, works for the Dead Moon Circus and doesn't want to grow up. She's probably not in any danger of that, she's emotionally very young and cute.

Para-Para doesn't like to work. She's also very playful and has many toys. When she was volunteering with the Coming of Age ceremony, she slept the entire time and only woke up to correct her sisters' work.

Para-Para is the senshi of childhood. Her Roman goddess's name is Pallas, and the Greek Goddess is Athena. Athena was the goddess of childhood and learning...the latter I find hard to believe.

Character Description: Para-Para

Parra-parra is the most whimsical and playful of the Amazon Quartet. However, the flip side is that her sense of play is the darkest. She frequently pulls limbs off dolls.

Despite her dark sense of play and fondness for riding atop balls, Parra-parra also has some wits about her. When she goes out searching for the Golden Mirror, she usually looks at multiple victims at a time with the magic of her Blue Dream Ball.

Character Description: Para-Para

Palla-Palla likes to play, and is a bit of a cry-baby, but she always does her best. She was faithful to Queen Nehelenia, but stuck her tongue out at her when she was betrayed, and used a cheap circus trick to get the Golden Crystal so VesVes could give it to Sailor Moon.

Palla-Palla was childish, and didn't want to grow up. She eventually had no choice, though. Nehelenia's presents, the Amazon Stones, were draining the power from the Quartet, and they had to break them to "get their real dreams back."

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