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Gau BanGau BanGau Ban (Shadow Skill)
Black Howling
14 years14 years
5'1"155 cm
97 lbs44 kg
Mercenary warriorMercenary warrior
"Ella, don't be silly."
Mathoney ReevesAkio Matsuoka
Shadow SkillShadow Skill

Character Description: Gau Ban

At ten years of age, Gau Ban's parents were killed by bandits. Ever since then, the young boy waged a guerilla war against them, somehow surviving along the way.

Along about then, Gau had met up with Ella Ragu and was impressed at the young girl's fighting prowess. At first, Gau thought that he could rob her of all her money, but then he found out more about her skills. Interesting enough, Ella decided to take the boy in as an adopted brother.

At first, Gau didn't speak at all, preferring to watch his sister's skills, then try to imitate then by practicing. In time, he became a proficient fighter. Ella, and her companion Faury, tried taking Gau to many doctors trying to figure out what was wrong. In truth, Gau had shut himself out until he felt that he could prove himself an equal in the fighting skills his sister had.

By the time Gau had become a young man of fourteen (which was three years), his sister Ella had, at the age of seventeen, become the 59th person in the history of Kuruda to achieve the rank of Sevalle, and the first woman to do so. She had decided to enter again in the Kuruda Combat Skills competition, and had moved on to the finals by killing one of the competitors, the demon beast Barself.

One of the spectators of the competition was a masked hunter who had taken an interest in Gau, who he had seen practicing earlier. The hunter then discovered that Gau could still talk. He gave Gau some advice, which was to become a shield to protect those he valued the most... even if it costs him his life. It was after the hunter had left that Gau was attacked and imprisoned by the other finalist in the competition, the Sui-Rame sorcerer-warrior Koa Icks. Koa then used Gau as bait to draw Ella into a battle. It was at the beginning of this battle that Koa had unleashed a surprise on Ella - he had resurrected Barself and used his magic to make him invincible.

The battle did not go well for Ella. Barself had quickly overwhelmed her and began crushing her to death. Gau, imprisoned in an electric sphere that Koa had erected, felt helpless to aid. It was then that the hunter had returned, imploring Gau to act to save her. The hunter then revealed himself as the legendary Kuruda warrior Scarface. Gau, feeling that the life he had led - cutting himself from being a true brother to Ella - was wrong, broke out of Koa's spell and destroyed Barself. Koa, vowing revenge, fled soon after. Finally, Gau opened up to Ella, and since then the two have gotten along as true siblings, although it is too soon to see how this will serve Gau in the future.

Character Description: Gau Ban

As a ten year-old boy, Gau Ban began single-handedly waging a guerrilla war against the group of bandits responsible for the murder of his parents. Seeking to appropriate both the secrets of her combat techniques and the contents of her purse for his cause, Gau set out after Ella Ragu. The two formed an attachment, and Gau became Ella's pupil and adoptive brother.

Now a young man of fourteen, Gau seeks to be the youngest warrior of the Kuruda School to attain the coveted rank of Sevalle - an honor currently held by the school's lord and mentor, Scarface.

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