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Ella RaguElla RaguElla Ragu (Shadow Skill)
Shadow Skill
17 years old17 years old
Blonde & redBlonde & red
5'6"168 cm
JoAnna MacInnesMegumi Hayashibara
Shadow SkillShadow Skill

Character Description: Ella Ragu

Ella Ragu attained the title of Civil, an honor given only to the greatest of warriors, at the age of 14. At this time she also found the orphaned Gau Ban, later to be known as 'Gau Ban of the black howling'. Ella was acused of killing Alketo Crin, a Sui Len Oe magician, shortly after getting the title. This caused Faury, another Sui Len, to come looking for her. A battle was waged, but it ended in a draw and they both became the best of friends. The Phantom Squad of the Septia and the Soultru had tried to capture the demon beast King of the Moon but the Phantom Squad had been destroyed, all except a young girl called Qou. Qou gained the help of Ella, Gau, and Faury and together they killed the beast. Qou had no money to pay them for helping her, and as Gau had taken a liking to her, Ella decided that she would join the group and pay back what she owed. The next problem the group encountered was Faury's step brother, who tried to trick Faury into killing Ella but Gau defeated Lui Plasni and stopped Ella and Faury from killing each other.

Gau Ban started as a silent brother who never spoke but during the course of the above events he met Scarface, the most famous Civil who beat the king of Koruda, Folki, at the age of 16 (the youngest ever to beat the previous champion in a battle). Scarface helped Gau to become a true warrior and so Gau became good enough to deserve the right to be Ellas' brother and so started to talk to her and overcame his reserve to talk.

Ella is a very loud in her attitude and likes to boast of her strength, she also likes money and the drinks which she can by with it. Her only weakness is her caring side which she reserves for her adopted brother Gau. In battle she uses a technique called 'Shadow skill' which only a few people have mastered: Ella, Gau and Scarface. With this technique you can mutter power words to draw the most from your fighting skill :"I AM INVINCIBLE, MY SHADOW SKILL CANNOT BE MATCHED, NO ONE CAN WITHSTAND A BLOW FROM ME!"

Character Description: Ella Ragu

The 59th generation of the Sevalle, Ella is a formidable warrior and the only female to hold the title. She is highly proficient with the "Shadow Skill"- a disciplne with the Kossapo method of combat killing, emphasizing footwork and body maneuvers. So intimate is her identification with the technique's originators- female slaves forced to fight in arena games with their hands bound by chains, that she's taken the skill's name as her own pseudonym.

Ella picked up Gau Ban walking in the streets after the death of his parents, and was immedietly impressed by the promise he demonstrated. She considers her contributions to his development as a warrior an engrossing experiment... at least when she's not busy indulging her appitite for strong drink.

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