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Character Profile: Elle Ragu

USA Info
Japanese Info
Elle Ragu Elle Ragu Elle Ragu (Shadow Skill TV)
Shadow Skill Shadow Skill
Human Human
Female Female
17 years old 17 years old
Red Red
Green Green
59th Sevalle, part-time waitress 59th Sevalle, part-time waitress
Luci Christian Megumi Hayashibara
Episode 1: "The power of my blow has no equal!" Episode 1: "The power of my blow has no equal!"
Shadow Skill TV Shadow Skill TV
See Also
Ella Ragu (from Shadow Skill Ella Ragu (from Shadow Skill

Character Description: Elle Ragu

By her own admission, Elle Ragu is "one of Kuruda's foremost slackers and queen of all deadbeats". Her idea of work is heaping all the hard work to her adopted brother Gau Ban, while she lays around and watches or takes a nap. It's a miracle she even moves at all, if not to eliminate all the debts she built up as a result of her huge drinking bills.

However, there is one thing that Elle has worked hard to achieve... she is the 59th and newest Sevalle in Kuruda, so new that her statue in Kuruda's Hall of Heroes has yet to be placed. So proficient is she that she has adopted the name "Shadow Skill", after the style of fighting she uses, and what Gau hopes to master. The Shadow Skill method of fighting was originally created by female slaves long ago, and uses mostly body movement, kicks and throws rather than fist and holds.

But mere strength doesn't mean a thing to Elle. She keeps reminding herself, and she tells others otherwise, that the principal reason to fight is the protection of the ones the fighter cares about the most. To her, the lives of those she loves the most matters more than fighting for fighting's sake.

However, her fighting philosophy doesn't pay the bar tabs from her heavy drinking and damage from the various she and Gau Ban get into. So, occasionally, she has a job as a waitress at one of the various Green Octopus taverns that seem to appear around the land like McDonald's in our world.

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